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Outsystems has just announced Champions, a new program aimed to recognize the contribution and engagement of members to the community in different areas, to bring them together and work closer with Outsystems teams.

The program has rewarded the expertise and knowledge of the darwinLabs team, by including not one but two of its members in its launch: João Almeida and Nick Tkachenko. We are proud to be part of this at launch and hopeful that we can bring even more value to the community!

A new tooltip and popover component for Outsystems Reactive apps has just been released to the Outsystems Forge.

This is implementation of Tippy plugin and doesn’t replace the Tooltip widget, but gives more freedom to customize and implement along the development of the application. It can be used in two ways: normal as a component and via Javascript activation. You can check it being used live on the demo page.

Photo by s_p_a_c_e_m_a_n

The new version of the Twproject Gantt, a JavaScript component built on jQuery for creating Gantt charts, was released with full support for Outsystems 11 Traditional Web Apps:

  • Upgrade to P11
  • Demo module moved to separate module
  • Actions to save Projects and Tasks outside the web block
  • CSS tweaks to use Outsystems UI color variables, this means the chart will fit with the current theme

darwinLabs blog

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