Earn $20 DASH For Installing Your Friend’s #FirstDashWallet: Ended June 17

Amanda B. Johnson of DASH Digital Cash has a brand-new focus: you.

She has just started her DASH social media campaigns in order to bring DASH into the mainstream and I must say, I am excited to see this new direction she’s diving into.

Her first campaign, #FirstDashWallet just started a few days ago and has been extended.

Here are the details:

Get paid Dash to spread Dash in this week’s #FirstDashWallet campaign.

  1. Install a DASH wallet for your friend or family member. Amanda recommends using the Jaxx mobile Dash wallet because it’s compatible with Android and iOS. Any DASH wallet is eligible, though.

2. After you have successfully installed your friend’s first DASH wallet, take a photo that clearly shows both of you and your wallets. Here is a recent example from Amanda’s Twitter feed:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dnaxbit

As you can see @DNAxBit has used the #FirstDashWallet hashtag, and provided his DASH wallet address, plus directed his tweet to Amanda’s Twitter account.

3. Take to Twitter or Facebook with your hashtag, #FirstDashWallet, DASH payment address, and photo — and don’t forget to help your friend backup their new wallet. Don’t forget to make a sign with your home country, like Nigeria Loves Dash…

Here’s where you post your photo, #FirstDashWallet hashtag and DASH payment address:

Watch Amanda’s YouTube video to get all the details for the extended First Dash Wallet:

This could be the easiest $20 DASH you ever made!