My Future Altcoin Predictions And What Companies They Could Replace [infographic]

I don’t know if these particular altcoins will replace the centralized companies on the right but revisit this article in 5 years to find out.

One thing is pretty clear: Ethereum is about to eat your job, so the best thing you can do is join Steemit to get an education about your decentralized future. It’s true that you can earn money in Steemit just by blogging, but its overlooked value is this: education in the decentralized technology space.

In Steemit I learned about Ethereum, computer security best practices, the best digital wallets to use, how to write in Markdown and the list is endless. The amount of high quality information I’ve consumed over the past year is more valuable to me than my college education and I’m in a much better financial situation now as well. It is the future and jobs are being created by creative people like me at an exponential rate within decentralized projects.

As a disclosure I’m invested in the following coins: Ethereum, DASH and Steem. I thought about buying some SingularDTV SNGLS when I first learned about it but I’m playing a wait and see strategy now.

Steemit had significant social obstacles to overcome in a year but now it appears that it’s nearly going viral in Korea. Asia’s traffic to Steemit is growing exponentially and I believe Korea will soon overtake North America. This could have something to do with the fact that cryptocurrency is more widely accepted in Asia, with Japan recently legalizing Bitcoin. The new energy from Asia on Steemit is certainly welcome because last winter was a frozen wasteland of dead dreams. I’d be happy if Steemit became completely dominated by Korea and Japan. I lived in Japan for a while in my youth and have very fond memories of its culture.

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