PEOPLE OF DASH: Splawik21, Masternode Hosting and Shares

Q: How and when did you find Dash?

A: I’m the kind of person who is open to new opportunities and for years I was looking for a better solution to life other than “normal” work.

One day, mid 2013, during summer vacation, my friend mentioned Bitcoin a couple of times so I started to read about it more and more each day. I started also to mine some altcoins in the end of that year. After a couple of months, a Bitcointalk member mentioned to me about Darkcoin back then, so I became interested in it. I finally got into mining Darkcoin in mid march 2014 and bought some, too.

Q: What’s your main contribution to Dash? Are you a masternode owner?

A: Since May/June 2014 I started to actively taking part in the Darkcoin thread on Bitcointalk and later on, in forum usually by helping people with different issues. I also was testing each version of the software releases since then.

When the masternode feature appeared, I thought this is what I want to focus on and I started helping people getting their masternodes live. In the beginning I used @flare`s hosting for my own node but as time passed by I learned what is needed and how to manage a stable server.

I created my own hosting service to

What I also noticed was that there was a need for the shares service for the people who couldn’t afford a full masternode, so I started pooling masternodes, too.

It’s almost 3 years now since I started helping people set up their masternodes so they can help the Dash network grow. With my masternode share service, they earn a portion of the blockchain reward. I also have plans to serve them in other ways, too.

I’m officially on the team of testers and supporters of Dash. Since a couple of months ago, myself and a couple of key members actively take part in ticketing support service.

I’m also a Dash Force Squad moderator on Dash Nation slack, a moderator on Dash Knights on Telegram and a founder of the Dash subforum on

Q: How is Dash different compared to other coins?

A: The main reason why I started to getting more and more information about Dash was because of its privacy feature. I saw also that behind this project stands a real developer who was committed for 2 or 3 years and that was something new for the altcoin’s stage.

Actually, behind the Dash project stands 28 core people and developers plus more supporters. I don`t know any other altcoins who have so many active and talented people behind them. The Dash team actually delivers what they say they will, while others on the scene say a lot and in the end don`t deliver.

I’m a Dash cheerleader, just like Tante Stefana and I’m proud of it.

Q: How is Dash Nation unique in crypto-space?

A: Dash Nation was created by Tao after the previous Dash slack which TroyDASH explained better in your previous article:

This is a place where every new person who wants to know more about Dash project should join.

This is the best social place to be on for many different reasons. One of them might be the support if you have any issues or maybe you look for the news or market analysis or whatever other subject Dash related. It’s the best place to be! You can find the Core team people, developers of Dash and many many many supporters of Dash willing to help you. Hey! There are already 2350+ members! So, if you’re not a member there yet don’t waste your time and join us!

Q: Do you have any predictions about how Dash Evolution will change the game?

A: My prediction about Evolution is that it will be a product which will create crypto easy to use for everyone. Actually, if you’re not a tech geek or IT related person, crypto itself isn’t a pleasant space. There are many things you can fail on or lose money with a simple mistake.

With Evolution nearly ready, it will be almost impossible to make those mistakes and moving your own money around will be safe, easy, fast and pleasant for every person.

This will be the moment when I’ll show my family members again about crypto because the last time I showed them, their opinions, of non IT people, were that it was some magic and definitely not for them. I hope they will use it as they do PayPal today.

Q: What are the pros and cons of Dash?

A: I don’t know many cons of Dash but let’s start from the pros.

* growing and real team of core people and developers

* positive community

* fastest coin in the crypto sphere

* you can stay in full privacy if needed

* self-funding project

* incentive model for Dash holders

* self-balanced network

* Evolution in progress

I think the main cons of Dash is still quite low amount of transactions but looking at last year’s chart we are heading in a good direction.

Join us @ Dash Nation slack today and feel the difference of a united community!

Here is your invite link: — don`t tell them @TroyDASH sent you :) — tell them it was me, splawik21.

About the author:

Stellabelle works for the Dash DAO as an editor, writer and artist. She also is a top writer on Her first book, Un-Crap Your Life is available on Amazon in ebook or paperback format.