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There’s New Blood In The Cryptosphere: Girl Gone Crypto, But Loser Trolls Have Shut Her Down

Girl Gone Crypto YouTube Channel

Today, like all days recently, the first thing I do is head into the Dash Nation slack to find out what’s been happening.

I checked into the Women of Dash channel and Tao of Satoshi had tagged me in a new post about a video by this person named Girl Gone Crypto. She has just started to vlog about cryptocurrencies and I have to admit, my first thought was, OMG:

Cryptocurrency is about to go mainstream.

As I filtered through the various comments on her latest video, with random dudes trying to convince Girl Gone Crypto to take off her clothes and perform in front of sexcams for Bitcoin, I was struck again by the reality that it’s still SUPER RARE to find a young woman speaking about her cryptocurrency journeys. It’s my belief that this will change and pretty soon, too. Before I blather on about other things swarming around in my head, see the Girl Gone Crypto for yourself. You’ll probably feel inspired to make your own video after seeing hers:

I can’t help but feel a lot of empathy for those young girls about to enter this space online. No wonder women have been hesitant so far to vlog about cryptocurrency. Only the bravest ones will venture into it. Me, well, I’m more like a Crypto Mama, a highly unfu*kable writer-artist, so I don’t worry about all the loser trolls and black-hearted assholes that I might come across online. Actually, I’ve already come across them in Steemit. They tried to bring me down, insult and doxx me simply because I am female. They did doxx me, in fact. But in the end, they lost and they slithered back into their miserable hate-filled cages, disappearing into their physical voids.

Hatred always loses.

I’ve been through enough sh*t already, enough for several lifetimes, so a few fu*ktard losers online can’t really touch me. I’ve had a YouTube channel since 2008 so I’ve heard it all before.

This brings me to my next issue: I also saw different people all vying to get Girl Gone Crypto into their particular coin. She politely declined becoming committed to Dash or any other coin because she stated:

I still have a lot more to learn before i commit to anything. thank you for your kind words ! :) -Girl Gone Crypto

For anyone interested in how to form a successful social movement, pay attention……

You don’t ask someone to come for dinner the second you meet them. The entire world operates on relationships and the slow building of them. Asking someone to join your club before getting to know them won’t really work out too well. Your results will be mediocre at best.

The way to really get things moving in a good direction is to support other people’s work you admire, share their ideas, ask them real questions, complement them, offer them a way to get to know you and your community better. Being friendly in a detached way will get you to the moon. Being like a puppy dog and hounding people the second you meet them only works with certain extroverted personalities. Shy people have a knee-jerk reaction to it. It’s not the most effective way. I know because I’ve been failing at this for years, making these puppy dog mistakes. Being detached and not in need of anything is the best way. People can sense desperation! Be cool, and watch how people will start to fall at your feet.

This is the scenario you want to cultivate. No one likes a desperate person.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if Girl Gone Crypto decides eventually to work for the Dash DAO or not. I am simply excited to find another young woman who is spreading her love and joy of cryptocurrencies to the YouTube world. In her short time, she has been uber successful so far, way more successful than me. The number of views her videos have is astounding. She would be smart to continue making YouTube videos and sharing this bright new world of digital currencies with a brand new audience. She will likely inspire many more people in the near future to make YouTube videos about Dash, ETH and BTC and take their crypto journey to the next level.

I was geniunely happy to find her video and I made my own shoutout video to Girl Gone Crypto. Thanks Tao!

Feel free to join us in the Dash Nation slack: https://dash-nation-invite.herokuapp.com/
We are one of the few cryptocurrency communities that is tolerant and accepting of other digital coins and projects. Our philosophy basically boils down to this:

We are all stronger together. Picking fights is child’s play. We like to play, but not with each other’s frailties.


The harassment on YouTube was so bad that Girl Gone Cryto decided to make 2 of her videos private. It’s another bad day for women on the internet. Here’s what she had to say:

I reached out to let her know about Steemit and how we have a reputation system in there to deal with trolls and harassment. I haven’t heard back from her yet.

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