Yours, in Search of Sanity


This morning Yours died. I woke to the news from Ryan X. Charles that he was switching the social platform — “like Medium with a pay wall”—from Bitcoin to Litecoin.

I almost wondered whether it was April Fool’s Day. Either Ryan X. Charles was joking, or he had just killed Yours. He had given up on his profile tagline: “leveraging technology to create freedom.”

He killed my interest in Yours. It was supposed to overcome the FUD hole that is Reddit. It was supposed to create a use case for Bitcoin. It was supposed to represent the triumph of both Bitcoin and former Reddit cryptocurrency engineer Charles over being let go at Reddit before Charles’ Bitcoin project there ever got off the ground.

My from-afar interest in Yours was always a product of my own imagination. In it, I saw a story of triumph over fear. I saw Charles getting let go, but refusing to go home, refusing to go small.

I saw in his project a determination to take his dreams elsewhere, to keep going — to bring Bitcoin with him — and to go as big as any brilliant entrepreneur and creator could go.

Bitcoin can no longer handle Charles’ project, however. Transaction fees long ago became too large for micropayments. So this morning he announced his decision to give up on using it for

I hesitate to admit publicly that I have also recently begun to give up on Bitcoin. Last week, I joined the Dash Slack channel. I’ve begun to watch the videos of Amanda B. Johnson.

Amanda B. Johnson

I’ve gone in search of sanity. I want a digital currency that comes with clarity. One that clears the fog of disagreement that is such a big part of the cryptocurrency community, of Reddit, and of any social platform where Bitcoin and altcoin communities gather. I want one that comes with a system for making calm, deliberate, and rational community decisions.

That currency is Dash. Two years ago, I invested in a small amount of Dash, and I considered collecting enough to run a masternode. At the time, I was still caught up in my dreams for the future of Bitcoin, and I wasn’t ready to transfer them to Dash. I kept waiting for the arguments in the Bitcoin community to resolve themselves. I kept tolerating the unpleasant brutality of infighting.

Bitcoin is losing ground in the cryptocurrency marketplace and in my imagination — Litecoin never had it — and Dash is winning me over. The fact that I want to write about it, after losing my desire to write about Bitcoin a couple years ago, is just more proof of its value to me, or at least to my imagination. As Einstein put it,

“Imagination is more important than knowledge [or at least as important]. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world.”

Where there is insanity, freedom is not possible.

It may seem counterintuitive, but freedom comes when we create principled and rational frameworks for making decisions and resolving the inevitable conflicts that surround them.

Bitcoin doesn’t have this, and even if someone did invent such a framework for the “first cryptocurrency” and “the community” accepted it, it would probably be too late. And enthusiasts like me are taking our hope elsewhere, to options that are becoming less “alternative” and more viable.