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Coliving is all about meeting like-minded people to live, work and play together! We know it’s important to foster a strong sense of Dash community in Singapore & Hong Kong. That’s why we started hosting virtual events like beer tasting, yoga classes, H.I.I.T. workout and relieve body tension with professional physiotherapists to ensure our members enjoy their time while staying with us and get to know new friends virtually.

Here are a few of our favorite community events, where members were enjoying their time at #dashliving. Like what you see? Come and experience the online community at our next event!

Beer Tasting Session

Nothing is better than having happy hour with our friends at Moonzen Brewery! We invited Moonzen’s head brewer James Waters to share how to make different craft brews with us at Dash Coliving Argyle. Members enjoyed tasting their signature collection a lot!

Our favorite beer brand hosted a beer tasting session in Dash Coliving Argyle.
Mooncake and craft beers from Moonzen Brewery are the perfect match.

Relieve Body Tension with Physiotherapist

We believe relaxing your body tension can also release workday stress. In our latest event, we invited Registered Physiotherapist Alice Yuen from Alive Wellness and Mindful Movement to share some stretching techniques for tenants to practice at home or office to relieve body tension after a long day from work.

Alice was demonstrating how to use a foam massage ball for a deep-tissue massage.

Yoga Classes

To help our members to find wellness and peace in this bustling city, we invited certified yoga trainer Jen to lead different yoga sessions.

Jen was demonstrating a yin yoga posture in another online yoga class.
Jen was leading a fit-flow yoga which is focusing on fitness and balance training.

HIIT Fitness Class

Good things come with those who sweat! Our friend Rio, a certified Personal Trainer hosted a virtual H.I.I.T workout for members to be a sweat bucket even at home!

Rio led an online HIIT Workout in Dash Coliving Argyle.

Sound like events you might be interested in? Become a member today. Switch up your regular dinner-and-drinks nights with multi types of activities!



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