What do you want, :brick:?

Emojis for Architects who use Slack

By 2013, we had tried all of the collaboration tools at Dash Marshall and none of them worked very well for us. We used Basecamp, a knock-off of Basecamp, and even an elaborate system of private images on Flickr.

None of these stuck, so when Slack came along I was equally skeptical. We signed up for the preview when it was hush-hush and never looked back. Now it’s critical to how we work as an office. What helps your team work together effectively?

To celebrate the end of 2018 we thought it would be nice to share some of our custom emoji in case other architecture and design studios out there may find them useful.

Kahn Series

As a show of respect for Louis Kahn, whose work we’ve always 📖 👀 and lately have been somewhat fixated on, the Kahn series is everything you need to quote the 👴 himself in emojis.

Canada Series

In honor of our Canadian cofounder Ritchie Yao and the steady stream of University of Waterloo students that join us as interns, we have supplemented Slack’s built in emojis to capture some important 🇨🇦🛶🍁concepts.

Section Series

If you’re going to 📐✏️ 🖥 and then 🏗a 🏙, then you’re going to get very familiar with these friends:

Dolluh Series

This 🍞-shaped 🐶 is the defacto mascot for DM so we often use the emoji-dolluh as a sign of appreciation, and now you can too.

Download your own copy

We’ve made the whole set available here for download. Happy End-of-2018!