Why performance stats are crucial for player development in soccer.

The DashTag soccer stats explained

Dirk van den Berg
Sep 22, 2018 · 5 min read

Powerline, DashStats and Highlights

This clear, objective picture of performance is designed to help you celebrate players’ best moments, and pinpoint where to improve.

The Powerline indicates the amount of sprints
The DashStats rate the player’s critical metrics
Two examples of the Session Highlights
  • Peak speed and Longest sprint: Is explosive speed to create space critical? What about covering your third, or stretching the play?
  • The point in a session at which 80 percent of sprints completed and 100 percent of sprints completed: how consistent are players working? How evenly-spread are sprints throughout a match?
  • The point at which you covered 50 percent of your total distance: Everyone loves to get straight into a game, but pacing matters — 80% of World Cup matches in Russia were decided in the last 10 minutes!
  • Most powerful minute, most powerful 10 minutes and longest low activity period: These figures show you exactly how players respond to changes in match dynamics and tempo. Coaches looking for an extra layer of analysis could group active and inactive players together to track team performance at critical points in a game.

What is the science behind this?

Soccer is an explosive sport, where nothing is more important than speed, acceleration and deceleration. Numerous studies analyzing players’ performance agree that the most decisive moments in soccer matches are short bursts of maximal intensity. The DashTag app is built with this in mind — to show you exactly what players’ highs and lows look like.

A weekly overview for the coach: a 60-day trial period

At DashTag we wanted to give every soccer player access to data-driven improvement. So, we spent a lot of time speaking with players and coaches at all levels, to understand what was most important to you.

To sign up for a 30-day trial for your soccer team please go to our website.

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No Stats No Glory. We highlight soccer achievements to the world and encourages players to show their performance.

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No Stats No Glory. We highlight soccer achievements to the world and encourages players to show their performance.