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10 Best Investment Apps You Need to Know About in 2019

There are so many different investing apps around at the moment, it can be tricky to know which ones are going to prove valuable to you and which ones will only serve to clutter up your smartphone.

Whereabouts you are in your investing journey will have a considerable impact on what type of investment apps you’ll find useful. However, all investors need to be doing their homework on a daily basis.

In this article, explore some of the best investment apps around that focus mainly on research and monitoring of the financial market. There are some for traders, real estate investors, and both new and seasoned investors. Here they are below, in no particular order!

1. StockTwits

StockTwits is a free app for both Android and Apple users. It’s a popular Twitter-style social network for investors, traders (investment advisors, public companies and the media use it too).

With more than 2 million community members using the app to converse about investments, you’re sure to pick up a tip or two as well as find out what’s happening in the markets in real-time.

Financial news gets reported fast on StockTwits — sometimes faster than what the leading news sites can offer — although you should always do further research and make sure StockTwits reports are backed up with facts before making any investment decisions.

Like with Twitter, you can follow members whose comments you’re finding useful. You can also “mute” members whose commentary is irrelevant to your investing objectives. A feature called “Rooms” is available; it’s a chat platform within the app that makes it easy to connect with peers, discuss crypto and new market trends, and get investing ideas.

Another useful feature is “Watchlists”. By adding your favorite stocks to your Watchlist, you can keep track of both your current investments and those that you’re keeping an eye on for the future.

2. Zillow

Perhaps one of the best apps around as a real estate investing resource is Zillow. It’s used as a research tool by home hunters, sellers, and investors alike. The Zillow marketplace provides details of around 110 million U.S. homes for sale and rent, as well as properties not currently available on the open market. Listings also include foreclosure, open house, and new build properties.

The Zillow app is handy to have on your phone if you want to look up information about a specific property or set up different searches so you can receive alerts whenever a property is listed for sale that matches your criteria.

You can also use the app to gather data about the likely value of homes in different neighborhoods through Zillow’s “Zestimate” tool. A Zestimate is Zillow’s opinion of how much a property is deemed to be worth. Zestimates are based on public and user-submitted property data, so they should only be used as a supplement when researching properties to invest in.

3. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the most widely-used apps around to track the markets and the economy. More than 150K users have reviewed the app on Google Play alone! Through its mobile apps (available for both Android and Apple devices), you can track the stocks that matter to you the most and get personalized financial news and alerts.

Stock information and investment updates are reported in real-time. As well as tracking stocks, you can track currencies, bonds, equities, futures, commodities, world indices, and more.

Comparing stocks is straightforward as you can turn your device sideways and make use of interactive full-screen performance charts. Moreover, if you’re using the app across multiple devices, you can sync your holdings data so that it’s always up-to-date no matter which one you’re logged into.

4. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is an educational resource and information hub for real estate investors, as well as a networking site. Through the website and mobile apps, you can learn about real estate investing from the ground up.

BiggerPockets supports around 1.4 million members through an extensive library of real estate knowledge, in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, and forum content. The site also contains several analytical tools and calculators to help investors work out whether a property is likely to provide a profitable return and help them decide how much they should pay for their next deal.

In addition to the educational resources, BiggerPockets has a marketplace where you can find foreclosures, buy and sell real estate and seek out financing deals and partners.

5. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is an equity research platform for seasoned investors where you can get rapid financial news updates and stock market insights. The app (available for Apple and Android users) provides detailed analysis and discussions from a community of investors and industry experts with an emphasis on buy side, rather than sell side.

Over 8,000 crowd-sourced authors contribute over 5,000 curated articles per month, making it one of the most informative investing apps around. Many investors use Seeking Alpha as their go-to resource to research investments before making any decisions. The community of more than 2,500,000 registered users provides useful commentary.

6. Mint

The Mint app is a popular free personal finance app. The primary purpose of the app is to aid money management and financial organization, as it brings together bank accounts, credit card statements, bills, and investments all in one place.

Mint is a useful tool for investors because it provides a holistic view of all your finances so that you can integrate your investment goals with your overall financial planning.

Being able to see a complete picture of your finances allows you to identify surplus pockets of money that you can then use for investment. Alternatively, if things aren’t going your way financially, you can put a hold on any automatic investments you’ve got set up until your finances are back on track!

Other Mint features include being able to see your net worth at a glance, the ability to monitor your credit score for free, access to money-saving insights, and bill pay reminders.

7. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a wealth management platform with mobile apps available for Android and IOS users. The free version of the app includes a suite of financial tools to help you track and manage your money, and keep a close eye on your investments.

The app brings together your finances in a single dashboard, giving you a real-time view of your entire financial life. You can even link up any employer-sponsored 401Ks.

With Personal Capital’s budgeting tools, you can track your spending and cash flow and get monthly summaries so you can see where your money is going.

Also included with the app is a retirement planner which helps you determine if you’re on track with your financial goals, an investment checkup to see how your portfolio is doing and a fee analyzer to help you uncover hidden investment fees.

The paid version of the app is for Personal Capital’s wealth management services (you must have a minimum of $200K in assets to get started).

8. Finimize

Finimize is a good app to look at if you’re a beginner investor or simply want to learn more about investing. It provides live news and analysis on financial markets in a jargon-free way, which is helpful for topics like cryptocurrencies, for example, which can be difficult for new investors to get to grips with.

One review in the App Store describes the app as being like a “Trip Advisor” for finance, as it lets you compare the performance of different investment platforms in one place.

The Fiminize app is currently available for Apple users only. However, anyone can get access to their daily digest newsletter, which brings you the latest finance stories once per day. You can sign up for that via the Finimize website.

9. Bloomberg

The Bloomberg app is a must-have for serious investors who want to keep on top of breaking global business and finance news and track their investment portfolios at the same time.

Through Bloomberg, you can get updates and alerts on topics that affect the markets, monitor trending topics like bitcoin, and see insights and analysis into what’s happening behind the scenes.

You can set up your own personal watchlist and add securities that are important for you to keep track of, including stocks, mutual funds, currencies, and ETFs. Financial data is reported through a combination of detailed performance charts and key statistics.

The app is customizable so that you can receive and track the information that matters to you the most. Featured videos and podcasts with finance-related interviews and analysis are also available through the app as well as access to Bloomberg Television Live.

10. Stock Trainer

Stock Trainer is for both beginner and experienced investors. It’s a virtual trading platform where newbie investors can learn about trading with a real market simulator. It works with real market data, and it lets you effectively dip your toe in the water before you dive right in.

For investors who already know the ropes, you can use Stock Trainer to devise and test out a new investment strategy. Features include support for 20 world stock markets, portfolio and watchlist management, top gainers and losers stats, stock charts that date back more than ten years, and stock news.

More than 48K users have left a review about this app on Google Play, where it scores an impressive 4.4 stars. (At the moment, Stock Trainer is only available for Android users).


In addition to the apps described above, a new app is on the horizon that will be of interest to real estate investors. DashVest is a unique investment platform for real estate funds, with investor education at its heart.

With DashVest, you can get access to education and tools to help you meet your real estate investment objectives, as well as exclusive deals that are typically reserved for experienced investors.

You can easily create a personalized portfolio designed to build stable, long-term growth with DashVest’s investor profile wizard, whether you’re a beginner, or are entirely familiar with investment concepts, strategies, and risk.

Best investment apps

Keeping informed about the latest developments and trends in the financial markets is a crucial undertaking for all investors, as is crunching numbers and undertaking fundamental analysis in order to make sound investment decisions.

The wealth of information that’s out there through different websites and apps can be overwhelming. Hopefully, the list of apps contained in this article will go some way in helping you find some trusted research sources and money management aids that you can add to your investment toolbox.

Originally published at https://dashvest.com on June 29, 2019.




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