Can Art Be Purposeless?

What if you don’t have any aim for your art?

Photo By Dan On Unsplash

So many people stop creating art because they feel ashamed that they don’t have a purpose for it. There is nothing wrong with people who create art because of a specific purpose. Similarly, there is nothing wrong if someone makes art without a specific purpose behind it. Remember, you are not supposed to change the world with your art if you don’t want to change the world. You are not supposed to save people’s lives with your art if you don’t want to.

Your art can be only for yourself. You can create art just because you love it and enjoy it. You can produce art just for the sheer devotion of it. You don’t need to copy people who set the purpose behind their art; you don’t need to become like them. Your art can be solely for you. You can dance, write, paint, sing or practice any other art just because it gives you joy. Making art just for yourself is not selfish. Your art is not supposed to be in the service of others, it can serve just to you.

There is no shame if you don’t set any purpose behind your art. It’s not a bad thing if you do art just to make yourself happy. Every time you practice art, you add beauty to the world. If you make art just because you want to see something that you made, it’s a good enough reason. If you make art, just because you like making it, it’s a good enough reason to make it. You don’t need a big reason or purpose to create art. You can create art just for yourself, with no real reason.




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