Data Driven Art

Generating 3D Models Rapidly using AI

You may have seen the recent upsurge in popularity of text-to-3D modeling software. You have studied the cutting edge of machine learning and computer vision research. You’re only interested in trying out this new design because of one 3D image of a plant or animal, such a deer, that you saw on YouTube. You are interested in understanding the process through which AI generates a 3D model.
The easy-to-use method with trained models, datasets, and code.

You may have seen the new trend in Text-to-3D Generation.

You’ve been researching what’s new and next in machine learning and computer vision. But the only thing that really captures your attention is the 3D representation of a single plant or animal like a deer you saw on YouTube — so you figured you’d try out this new design. First, you want to…



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