Happy High School Days (take 2)

“Ever wondered how things might have turned out, if only…”

Image by elizabethaferry from Pixabay

I wrote a story about a guy who signs up for a virtual reality simulation of his high school experience after meeting a classmate at a reunion sixty years later. It’s a “seduction package,” where the participant gets to indulge in a “what if we had…?” fantasy with someone from back then. Simulated, of course, with a simulated person. Except, well, running these VR environments isn’t cheap, so if someone agrees to have a shared simulation (at a discount), there are hundreds of kids in the school — what are the odds that two real people will run into each other as their younger selves?

I wrote the story from the viewpoint of one guy, who was intrigued by the simulation concept and how well it was done. But other people would have other perspectives, right?

She opened her eyes. It felt like waking up, and there was that disoriented feeling of waking up in a strange place, made worse by the strange place being one she’d known for years, long ago. Oh my heavens, that’s Mr. Cuddles over on my desk! Run, Mr. Cuddles, your beloved owner will give you to her granddaughter forty-some years from now, and you will be pulled apart until your stuffing is all over my daughter’s living room floor. Other parts of her childhood room were just as she remembered—well, yes, of course they were, how could it be otherwise?

She got dressed for school. Hmmm, let’s put on the glam, shall we, girl? That outfit that I wore for senior class photos—okay, will wear for senior class photos, don’t quibble!—should be sexy enough without looking too sexy. I don’t need Daddy giving me a hard time, that poor man had enough to deal with when I was in my 20s. Just a little more attention to detail on her makeup… there, that should draw attention to her eyes. And we’ll keep the blouse buttoned up all the way until we get to school, okay?

In the bathroom she had a sensation she had not had for decades. And had not missed. Seriously? I’m getting my period today? Oh, I do not think so! She moved her hands a certain way; the Settings window opened in the air in front of her, transparent enough to see through, opaque enough to make the controls accessible. She tapped through a few screens before she found what she wanted, then set her menstrual cycle to “Ovulating.” Or should I back it off a few days? This will make me horny as hell, as I remember. Well, hey, if it gets out of control I can always tweak it.

Her father was at the breakfast table, reading the paper while absently munching on toast. He looked up when she came in. “Good morning, Sugar Plum! You look very nice this morning! Anything going on at school I’ve forgotten about?”

She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Nothing special, Daddy, I just might get together with some friends after school, we might be doing some work at the church.” Or I might be trying to seduce a classmate I had a crush on, who confessed to the same feelings when we were sitting together at our class reunion. We’ll see how the day goes.

The radio was on the news station, covering some situation somewhere that was probably correct for 1975. Her father had made oatmeal, with raisins and pecans, her favorite. The brown sugar and milk were beside her place.

And this isn’t even a special day, Daddy just did it because he thinks I’m special. Oh Daddy, I miss you SO MUCH sometimes! Should I just skip school and have a father-daughter day together? No, that’s outside the parameters, they warned me about that. He’ll head off to work, stop by the hospital to say hi to Momma before she gets off her shift, then I’ll see them both after school. Assuming everything else goes wrong, that is. She finished her breakfast, washed out her bowl and set it to dry by the sink, gave her father an extra-big hug, and set off for school.

The main hallway of her high school was the usual chaos she remembered. As she headed to her locker, she spotted Doug at his locker. She gave him a quick slap between the shoulders and said, “Hey, Spuds!” before ducking back into the crowd.

She smiled to herself. He looks the same as I remember. Total nerd, but he used to make me laugh, and for some reason I thought he was so cute . Well, I never got his attention back then, but now he’s going up against a grown-ass woman in a teenager’s body, and I could still seduce ’em in my 50s, dammit, so this will be like shooting fish in a barrel. I’ll talk him into a nice little walk down to the park, find that spot that Jimmy Whatzizname showed me a few years from now, and I’ll make him think it’s all his idea.

Home room was a mix of semi-familiar, unfamiliar, and maybe-familiar faces. She made some surreptitious hand movements to turn on identifiers; now she could see names floating over each person’s head, and greeted friends casually.

Oh Sharon, you dear sweet lady, I went to your funeral! I miss you, girlfriend, you were my rock through two divorces and some dumbass behavior on my part. I would love to go grab a soda or — no, focus, this is not in the scenario parameters, you’d just end up disappointed. She and Sharon had English together, first period; they walked together until Sharon excused herself to talk to someone for a second. Drat, I was hoping she’d remember where we usually sat. Okay, well, pick a desk, I don’t think it matters.

Doug showed up half a minute later. He sat down in the seat next to hers, cutting off Sharon, who looked annoyed. Doug gave Sharon a smile and said, “It’s just for today, Amy, okay?” He turned away from her before he saw Sharon’s momentary befuddlement before she went to a different chair. His greeting of “Hi Ginny!” came with a smile that would have melted her heart, back in the day.

“Hi Doug! What brings you all the way over to this side of the room?” And why did you call Sharon ‘Amy’? Okay, he admitted at the reunion he was awful with names. He’s just geeking out and being him, back now. Ginny gave him a warm and welcoming smile. She saw Doug blush slightly.

“Um, I need to talk to you about something? At, um, lunch, or, I dunno, um, free period? It’s… it’s hard to explain, I need some time where it’s quiet and we can talk, y’know? Which, um, which time might work for you?” Doug showed the awkwardness with girls that Ginny remembered all too well.

Not that I was any better with boys, at this age. “That’s… wow, that’s… um, okay, so, next period? I have it free? If you do, too, maybe? Would that be okay?” And apparently my teenage body remembers it all too well. Is that me blushing? Seriously?! So much for being a smooth operator with decades of experience.

“I do have next period free! That works great! Thanks! Maybe we could find a classroom that’s open. That works great!” Doug seemed to have run out of things to say, and suddenly seemed to be paying extra attention to the book they were studying.

Wow, I do not remember Spuds doing this in senior year. It couldn’t have been any big deal, or it would have stuck. Probably he wants me to, I dunno, share class notes or something. Perfect, I can get him alone and go from there. High school English was as shallow and boring as Ginny remembered; fortunately she had done her master’s thesis on Solzhenitsyn and Baldwin, so she felt no need to cheat by calling up the answers to classroom questions via the simulator controls.

Her mind did wander. This kid is a teenager. I’m basically seducing him and, let’s be honest here, more or less raping him. Even though he’ll be totally into it and think it’s all his idea, because boys his age are driven by their dicks. Why did I think this was a good idea? Because you haven’t had good sex since Will left you during perimenopause, dipshit, and when Fred Rodriguez pitched you the seduction package, it was just too tempting to try out your teenage body and let your fantasies run wild. And it’s not actually Doug! This is just a simulation of Spuds, he’s not real, you can’t hurt his feelings and leave him crying in his pillow tonight and heartbroken tomorrow. He won’t even have a tomorrow, this simulation ends at midnight or something. It’ll be fine. Go with the plan.

After class they found a room down the hall that was unoccupied. Ginny undid the top three buttons on her blouse as she sat down in one of the seats, and casually arranged her skirt as she crossed her legs. She saw Doug’s reaction pretty clearly. Oh yeah, teenage me has got it! And teenage him is probably wishing he’d worn looser jeans today! Ha, he’s arranging his binder so I can’t see his erection. Teenage boys are so cute!

“So. Ginny. I just wanted to tell you that, um, I have liked you since, um, we had hist — ” Doug started, when a head suddenly appeared at the doorway to the classroom.

“Hey, you two! Everything going okay?” Both Doug and Ginny turned slightly to see who had spoken.

Crap, we should have shut the door. Wait… is that Fred? What? Her mind was racing as Doug said something that caused Fred to retreat. No no no… that idiot would not be on the same package! Ginny quickly turned identifiers back on; Doug’s name had the blue glow that tagged him as a fellow participant, not a simulation. That goddam moron, after all his talk about his money!

Doug had shut the door and started back, commenting on Fred, before Ginny’s stare and interjection shut him up.

“You have GOT to be shitting me. Fred sold you the seduction package too? At our sixtieth reunion? And you didn’t go for the exclusive option, cheapskate?” Ginny felt herself getting angrier by the second.

“It, ah, was twenty percent off — ” Doug started to explain.

“And you couldn’t afford it?! After all that bit about, ‘Oh, I was a vice president at Metacore, I was a big deal, wow I got the big buyout package!’ I’m living off a shitty university professor’s 401K, I didn’t have much choice!” She shook her head. “I should have figured it out when you called Sharon ‘Amy,’ idiot. You know you can query anybody’s name automatically, right? Like I can see yours right now.” She swipe-closed the name over his head, it was just distracting.

“Okay, so, what, you also decided to replay a high school day and get to know me better, this time? Maybe a date, after school? Like we talked about at the reunion?” Doug’s voice was starting to sound whiny, to Ginny’s ears, which did nothing to improve her mood.

She snorted. “No, shit for brains, I came back here to get laid. You have no concept what life is like for some post-menopausal women. How many years now, we have goddam simulated time travel and yet we still don’t have little blue pills for half the population of the planet? Get your ass over to the door, pull the shade down, and lock the damn door. We don’t need Fred checking on us again.” She stood up and kicked her shoes off as she watched Doug head for the door.

“Ginny, the doors only lock with a key,” he reported.

It’s a simulation! Do you even understand what that means? She quickly pulled up Settings, accessed the environmental controls to lock the door, then told him, “Check again!”

Doug tugged the door; it held firm. He sounded surprised. “Okay, that’s—”

“You complain about how much this costs, then you don’t even bother to run the intro app? You are pitiful.” I am getting more and more pissed off at this jerkwad, and somehow it’s making me horny. Damn, teenage me was messed up! Wait! She had started to unbutton her blouse, but paused. Okay, teenage body or not, there is nothing soft in this room. Not even a car’s crappy backseat. We can fix that! She opened Settings again—still showing the environment controls—and added a gym mat to the classroom closet. “There’s a gym pad in the closet over there. Go get it, I don’t feel like getting banged on the damn desk or this cheap linoleum floor without some protection.” She finished unbuttoning her blouse and tossed it aside. A quick glance determined Doug’s erection was still going strong. “And are you planning to get undressed any time soon? Because I can see from here you’re ready to go!” She unfastened her skirt, let it drop, and kicked it over to the side.

Doug got the mat out of the closet and let it fall to the floor. “Or do you want it on the desk?” He hesitated. “And shouldn’t we have some, um, I dunno, foreplay? Or something?”

Ginny snorted. Perfect, the first time that I’ve had a guy think about foreplay, and he’s just trying to buy time. “Sweety, I was turned on at ‘Hi, Ginny.’ And you are not the first boy who suddenly had a need to keep your binder or textbook or whatever settled on your lap, so I know where you are at. Stand right there.” She hooked her back leg behind his and dropped him neatly on the mat. “You want foreplay? Here.” She dropped on top of him, gave him a kiss that lasted several seconds, then sat up, yanked his shirt open so that buttons flew, then started on his pants. Okay, if he’s worried, he can always bail out at this point. Assuming he’s not too stupid to notice the bug-out prompt in front of his nose.

She paused for a second when she saw Doug’s eyes focus on something above his head. Once he had tapped his finger on the invisible object, and there were no perceptible changes in the environment, Ginny gave him a dirty grin and got to work.



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