How Death Is Pushing Us To Live

How The Presence Of Limited Life Is Actually Beneficial

Mortality is a tough subject; it is a concept disdained by many due to the emotional detriment it has infringed upon the lives of billions. So, it is not to my surprise that some might be baffled-even frustrated-at the topic of this particular article.

How could a person say that death is beneficial? Are you out of your mind? Haven’t you felt the pain of losing anyone?

These are questions that could possibly arise on the subject of discussion, but from a philosophical view, the claim that I’ve made possesses great validity. Death is truly helping us live, for it sets a timer by which we have to complete everything we hope to do.

Imagine you set a timer of around 15 minutes and attempt to write an article in that time. I perceive life in a similar manner; a series of actions and applications that have to be made in a limited time frame. Despite the fact that one is immensely more complex than the other, both operate around the same basis of achievement.

Human intellect is capable enough to be constantly aware of the time that we have left; the average individual is capable of intuiting how much time they have left. Despite the fact that it isn’t a topic of interest at all moments, it is a sentiment that is prized in our subconscious.

For this very reason, humans have such a keen observance of time. Even the most ignorant of individuals will still be able to recollect their experiences and describe the pursuits to which their time is dedicated. Time is an obsession for us and we merely glance at the face of it.

Our knowledge that we have a finite amount of time on this earth is what motivates us to innovate more. It allows us to aspire beyond our boundaries and use social pressure for the better. Whatever limits us truly allows us to improve our efficiency.

Despite the inevitable pain that death will bring, the actuality around it is one that is beneficial to the given individual. One would become complacent with infinite time as they would with an unlimited amount of anything. For this very reason, I push the premise that mortality can actually be a benevolent entity.



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