Imagining a World

Because we get caught in a rut and forget our dreams

I am a product manager in a San Francisco based tech company. I dream up ideal user experiences for my customers.
However, I have forgotten what my ideal world would be.
I guess I used to know when I was a kid, before the 9–5 jobs, the bills, the enemies, and the ambitions.

Here’s an attempt at renewing my vows. Here’s to keeping the dream alive.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Disease-free, equal access to medicines, no monopoly on drugs.

Slower, kinder, softer.

Connected to the Earth, footsteps tenderly kissing her.

Humans are Earthlings, and so are herons, redwoods, and fish. Everyone is a holy Earthling, and never an “it”.

Food grows because the earth is fertile, and the Gods are happy.

The truth that all Gods are, in fact, the same God, is no longer obscured.

An orange tree dropping an orange means “I love you”, but she never ever actually says it. Shh. Everyone is loved, and no one needs to say I love you.

The only things exchanged are gifts. We say ‘thank you’ through gifts.

Earthlings listen to each other. Intent listening is more valuable than speech.

Schools teach the art of listening to the Earth. The old learn from the young, the young from the old — all Earthlings learn from each other.

Everyone drinks more water, because water is clean and abundantly available.

All Earthlings are well-fed, safe, and well cared for.

The Earth relaxes, cools, smiles.

No Earthling is scared for their life or safety.

Gender is fluid, easy, relaxed, as are gender norms.

Prisons disappear. No one is a criminal. Most crimes are born of hurt, and no one is hurt.

Food is always fresh, Earth-grown, and goes back into the Earth easily.

Parents parent all Earthling babies as their own, and all Earthlings are, therefore, parents.

The Earth feels like a large family.

Gardens are everywhere, providing food, community, and pleasure to all Earthlings.

The sun shines, and the Gods smile — the Earthlings have finally understood their mission.



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Ashwini Sriram

Ashwini Sriram

I'm a product manager from Chennai living in San Francisco. I enjoy writing about product management, books, food, and people.