Technology of connection

Question from the Internet:

“What technologies would it take now to change the world?”

We need a groundbreaking technology we haven’t tried — or we tried unsuccessfully — so far: the technology of human connection.

people could be shocked asking, exclaiming, what does it mean, we are connected all the time!

It is true that we are connected, moreover, today we are all connected globally and we even depend on each other mutually.

But driven by our inherently self-centered, subjective, and individualistic nature, when we connect to each other we do so with a single-minded intention: what can I get out of the connection, how can I use this connection for my own benefit. And if I succeed at the expense of the others I connected to, it is even better!

Again, we might be horrified, shocked by hearing this as we honestly think, believe that we are not so.

But actually, we are.

And this is not a sin, it is not evil. We are born with a completely egocentric, subjective inner program that simply cannot take any other calculations but ones that are based on a 100% self-serving, self-justifying “pleasure/pain equation”.

And now, when we have evolved into a completely integrated and interdependent world, this original inner program is driving us towards self-destruction. Instead of being healthy cells of the same living organism — what Nature expects from us -, we all behave — knowingly or unknowingly — as cancer cells.

This is why we need the above-mentioned unique, groundbreaking “technology of connection”, where we learn how to build positive, sustainable, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation above and against our inherent nature.

This will give us a unique duality between the two contrasting behavior, helping us to perceive, attain reality objectively, while the acquired collective consciousness, intellect we generate between us will give us a new, qualitatively much higher sense of collective existence above the usual egocentric, subjective limitations of time and space.



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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.