The 5 Technology Trends to rule in 2022.

Datafication of our world and ‘As a Service’ revolution would continue to lead the way.

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For the last 10 years we have seen developments in technology at a truly accelerating rates. For 2021, we saw widespread disruptions through all industries impacted across the board.

Although each organization will anticipate change every year, 2021 brought a new set of challenges with new Covid variants ramping through the world and impacting supply chains and normal business cycles.

As organizations have responded in various ways throughout the year, we have seen a shift in how technology has influenced consumers and businesses. As we head into 2022, we may anticipate 5 high probability trends to continue and even accelerate.

According to Bernard Marr’s top tech trend report, these include:

1. Sustainable Energy Solutions

For the last 2 years, renewable energy was the only form of energy that saw usage increase. In the USA renewable energy use increased by 40% during the first 10 weeks of lockdown. Worldwide all non-renewable energy usage decreased as industries were sporadically shut down and people were staying at home. That led to an overall reduction in emissions to about 8%, this fact and the joint stance of developed and developing world countries, has led to the expectation that increasing investments will be put into generating energy from renewable sources. Taking into account the global warming trends and the finite carbon fuel reserves, a huge amount of investment into the sector is expected not only in 2022, but throught the whole decade.

2. Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

Smart really means connected: smart phones, smart TV’s and the pleathora of other smart devices, helping through your everyday life. Today smart increasingly means powered by AI, generally machine learning algorithms, that help us in increasingly innovative ways. Nowadays, AI apps on our smart phones are capable of helping in every possible way, that we couldn’t image a couple of years ago. AI has permeated the tools we use to carry out everyday tasks, from voice assistants to language translation and tools that allow to extract structure data from pictures, videos, audio files or even whiteboards. It also powers much of the robotics automation, and increases productivity on a really large scale. Artificial Intelligence Everywhere is here to stay in 2022.

3. Everything As a Service

The next powerfull technology driver would be the increasingly ongoing “democratization” of data and technology. In recent years, a lot of startups flourished to provide easy to use API’s for almost all kinds of data, from credit card transactions or container counts on ports, to crypto currencies and alternative financial data. “Everithing As a Service” is one of the strongest technology trends, which has much of upside potential to grow.

In recent years, this industry have put innovative tech tools in the hands of ordinary people, regardless of their expertise or experience. Innovation has been curtailed in some areas by skills crisis, which sounds like a problem, but has been the driver behind the explosion of self-service, do-it-yourself solutions.

4. Digitization, Datafication and Virtualization

During the last 2 years of pandemic, many of us have experienced the virtualization of all offices and workplaces, as remote working conditions have been swiftly put in place. This was just a crisis driven surge of a much longer term trend, in 2022 we would become increasingly familiar with the “Metaverse” — persistant digital world that exists in parallel with the phisical world that we live in. Inside this world, as proposed by Mark Zuckerberg, we would carry out many of the functions that we were used to do in the real world, including working, playing and most importantly investing.

5. Transparency Governance and Accountability

For technology to be able to work, we as humans need to be able to trust it. There are already, and rightly so, strong pushbacks against many ways that technology is currently beign used that are seen as obstructive or dangerous or irresponsible. AI in particular is sometimes portrayed as a black box meaning we can’t see inside it to understand how it works. This is often due to its complexity rather than to any malicious scheme to limit our understanding, however the effect is the same. This means that incidences that AI is shown to be damaging, for example a facebook neural network labelling black people as primates, are extremely alarming.

Final Thouhts

As we move into 2022, technology acceleration would be an exciting field to look into. Even with COVID-19, we have seen how adaptive and resilient companies have been, leveraging technology in various ways.

With so much potentially happening next year, we’re in for an exciting year of developments and trends on the technology front. Although there are many other trends, I wanted to cover off a few that were, in my opinion, some of the more interesting or important focus areas for next year.




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