The end of the world

Question from the Internet:

“Will the world end?”

Our current world, our current human civilization has come to an end.

So far everything we ever invented, did, built was based on and made for our inherently selfish, subjective, individualistic egos. Our whole existence has been centered around selfishly exploiting everything for our own egocentric benefit — at the expense of others and Nature.

It does not matter what philosophies, ideologies, systems we dressed our selfish, egoistic aspirations into, the final aim and end result is always the same. We accumulate all the resources, profit to ourselves, we take as much as possible away from others, we humiliate, control, destroy others, until the system breaks, falls apart and we build a new system that will go through the same motions until it also breaks.

In our generation, we broke human civilization that is built on the ego for the last time. We corrupted the most promising human system built on liberal, parliamentary democracy and free-market economy. Now we know that is completely irrelevant what politicians, what parties, political, economic, or social system we choose, it does not matter what wars we justify, win or lose.

As long as we keep developing, existing through our egos at each other’s and Nature’s expense we destroy everything like cancer.

Humanity never before had such a clear recognition, and we never had our present emptiness, dejection, hopelessness, and we never stood ahead of the very real threat of total self-destruction that can come from multiple sources, from multiple, seemingly disconnected locations at any moment.

And as G20 or climate summit meetings show, we have absolutely no idea what is causing the problems and how we could solve them.

We are primed, matured to recognize and accept that it is our own inherent nature that is causing all the problems, and we are ready — at least a sensitive, willing minority that can pull the rest behind them — to accept that the only solution is changing, upgrading ourselves, instead of changing the world, changing, correcting or canceling others.

We are ready for the next phase of truly Human evolution, a fully conscious, purposeful developmental path that leads to a bright, safe, sustainable, collective future!



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.