The World Should NOT Go 100% Open Source Software…

I have been seeing some people saying that the world would be a much better, secure, and less bloated place if all software were Open Source. But, I disagree

Who does not prefer open source over closed source software? It’s of course an obvious choice if the compared software has the same features. BUT, how would the world be if every software you get is open source?

first of all, I’m sure this is not gonna happen ever, but this is just a theory as to why it’s not ideal even if this happened. This is mostly a response to another source where I came across a person who said this, and I think many of you may have some similar thoughts.

Before Starting This

Ok… I know what I’m trying to say here might be against your opinions leading to some of you disagreeing with me, but hear me out through this article, and let me know what your thoughts are. I hope you enjoy this, here we go…

Taking A Step Back

Developers are valuable

Well… You have to remember that developing anything is a job which people do. Making everything open source not only takes the developer unemployment rate to the sky but also heavily decreases the complete value of the developer itself.

Open software should be considered more as a non-profit volunteer-based project rather than a serious project made by teams of people.

The world going completely open source is like saying working all day and relying upon sponsors, donations, and other contributors for money(I hope you get my point).

“Closed Sourced” Features

Of course, there is technically nothing called “closed source features”, but this is what I decided to call it(yeah, I’ve got no interesting name for this). If Apple was 100% open source, it would not have features like account syncing, and server data collection(which increases the user experience, but also sells your data, so this is both good and bad), probably the best ecosystem connecting the iPhone, Macbooks, etc using hidden data behind the closed source doors.

Waste Of Effort?

Here, I’m not talking about some of the open-source software which is just open source but it is completely developed and maintained by the company. I’m talking about the other ones which are completely maintained by the community. This leads to fairly unorganized merge requests where everyone wants to have a different goal to be achieved and the maintainer just goes with the one he/she wants, wasting the work and effort put in by the other developers/designers/editors. Although the developers, who are contributing know that their work may be disregarded by the maintainer, the same effort could be put into it through the eyes of a company rather than a community. This might not help anybody from the receiving end, but this surely helps the developers on the other end trying to help the users.

Finally… Conclusion

I think that the world should not go completely open-source, there are some features that I just love some feature which can only be available in closed-source apps. But, here I am… I still use GIMP instead of Photoshop and Inkscape instead of illustrator.

I’ll be making more videos and memes to be more precise over on my YouTube channel, and also tweet some interesting stuff over on Twitter. I hope you guys like this, and I’ll meet you at the next one.

You’re Awesome :)




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