Memory: Stores and Groups in the Brain


There are unit stores of everything in the memory. Every known word has a store. The meaning of the word has a store. That word in another known language has a store. The doing the word represents has a store, sequential stuff before or after that word has a store. The regular timing of the use of the word has a store. All these are grouped together.

Often, when that word is recalled, things from the group may follow. Sometimes, when the word is not remembered, something from the group may be remembered. Accessing that group may tell that the word is known, but its store was not accessed.

It is possible to know there is a kind of bucket used to manually water a garden but not remember the name. In knowing, it is also possible to remember how it is used, or what time it is, yet not remember the name.

via CoSS

Theoretically, there is nothing the memory stores without getting grouped. The groups control the outcomes of the stores. When things are done reflexively, it is follows from how the stores were arranged in the group.

It is this group mode that is responsible for triggers or traumas. Some hear a sound or smell something and it brings stores of things grouped with that sound or smell.

Stores have a dominant group, but sometimes changes to others depending on activity. In some cases where something brings something else aside usual, the store may have temporary left its base.

Aside the meaning of the thing the store holds, it also holds a bit of group ink of everything it had been linked to, so during recall may not just give what it means, or things from its group, but may go to others where it had been sequentially used to have information sent.

A piece of cloth, as a gift, may remind of who gave it, including what the person was about. This cloth store in the memory, is grouped with the individual.

Though a group of cloth exists in the memory and that cloth may have some of its ink, the default group of the cloth is simply with that person.

Words like division of labor can be a store in the group of economics, but also be used in situations and on some tasks could make it have inks of the groups, but its place is with economics. However, if there is a song, or movie, where it is often said, and it rotates the thought box, it may change group and bring thoughts of that first, before economics.

Grouping and regrouping occur frequently. The memory stores the thought version of things. The bucket, water, garden, flowers and so on are thoughts to the memory, in stores and grouped.

The memory group of the store of the watering can



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