Three observations about meaninglessness

Meaninglessness is internal.

Meaninglessness seems to come from outside ourselves. We expect to find meaning in our jobs, in our sports, in our travels, and in our relationships. We blame the world for not holding up to its promise.

Meaninglessness can’t be found. It can only arise from within. It is self-generated and self-perpetuated. Meaninglessness is the enemy within.

Meaninglessness is insidious.

It will tell you anything to keep you from enjoying your life, facing the world as it is, and doing what is to be done. It will deceive, exaggerate, contravene, pervert, bully, entice and seduce. It will take any form necessary to make life feel worthless. It can be your only rational friend or your unwelcome neighbor who makes noise 24hrs. If you take Meaninglessness by its word, you are doomed. Meaninglessness is always wrong and always full of shit.

Meaninglessness is impersonal.

It is not out there to get you personally. It doesn’t know who you are and doesn’t care. It tries to get to whoever opens the gate through doubt, missing values and personal philosophies, or a lack of overarching narratives. It is a force of nature, a human condition. It acts objectively.

Though it might seem like a vicious nemesis, Meaninglessness operates with the indifference of a mosquito. When we go to combat, we must remember that it’s not out there to get us personally but all of us.



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Jessica Böhme

Jessica Böhme


transformation researcher & ecological storyteller. exploring ecophilia as a lived philosophy. latest book: