We do not need to save Earth, we need to save ourselves!

Question from the Internet:

“In truth, our “last chance” is not about saving Earth, but it is about saving ourselves.”

We are a strange kind of “cancer” although we damage our “host”, we will destroy only ourselves while the host will continue to exist and repair itself.

We have received indications, proof about this during the initial, almost global lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic. We also received indications, proof about this in places of great nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

We do not have the ability to destroy Nature, and in truth, we can’t even destroy ourselves, since we have a very important role to play in Nature’s evolution.

We might destroy most of humanity through multiple different disasters, explosions, but a handful of people will remain to “finish the job” and learn and fulfill what Nature expects us to achieve.

Our choice relates to the manner we reach our unique, evolutionary human role. We can reach it according to the above scenario, most of humanity becoming extinct and a small, remaining survival minority performing the necessary self-changes, self-upgrade as a result of intolerable suffering, pain, loss.

We can choose a different scenario, we can learn and willingly, proactively fulfill this evolutionary human role without waiting for intolerable suffering, without waiting for the seemingly inevitable global meltdown.

The choice is in our hands, the necessary, practical, and purposeful method we need is already available. Only our own recognition and desire are missing.



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