5 tips to attract more talent on mobile

We collect feedback about the candidate experience, from hundreds of thousands of candidates each year and every 6 months I usually look back at the stats. One of my favorite stats to track is the number of mobile job applications compared to computer.

Percentage of mobile job applications compared on a 6 months rolling basis

First and second half of 2017 we had an exploding number of mobile job applications with an increase of 50(!)% to 12%. The first half of 2018 the increase continued, although not the same 50% increase level. This time the increase was 21%. Still really high increase.

5 hands-on tips to attract more talent on mobile

  1. Don’t write job ads with the same length as a research paper
  2. Use bullet points for the critical things candidates need to when you write the texts, easy to read on mobile

3. Use “no-data-entry” questions for skills/education and other closely related questions to the candidates

4. Activate apply with LinkedIn

5. And please, please don’t expect from the candidates to take their time to create an account..

That’s my 5 best tips that came to mind, knowing that mobile first and mobile job applications will be more and more first choice from talent.

Knowing that almost 15% applies using their mobiles and tablets, no one can ignore this anymore. Do you agree with me? Any thoughts about this, candidate experience, Candidate Net Promoter Score or attracting talents, feel free to contact me, simon@trustcruit.com 🤗



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Simon Werner-Zankl

Simon Werner-Zankl


Passionate about data driven HR, startups and true believer that passion never fails.