Always collect feedback from candidates anonymously

This data from our A/B testing shows you why

Illustration: Pauline Fagerberg

Setting the parameters for A/B testing

At first we needed to define a clear cut goal with this A/B testing. A goal here has to be focused around only answering one thing. We set the goal to be:

The results

The results where actually better than i thought! In test A we got 343 that submitted feedback and in test B we got 24,2% more landing at 426 submitting feedback.


Other things we started thinking about along the way

This was the first A/B tests we conducted and it got us started thinking about other areas important to do some research on. I will just mention them below. Some has been A/B tested already and some are on its way.

  • How will it affect the candidate if the sender is not the company you visited? For example if IKEA conducted an interview and sends a form from IKEA, how will the response rate change if it is sent from Feedback Inc on behalf of IKEA?
  • Further elaborating around the sender, how will the sender being IKEA vs. Feedback Inc effect the validity and honesty of the feedback submitted?
  • Does the length of the e-mail effect response rate?
  • Does including logo of IKEA effect response rate/validity/honesty?
  • Does including the Feedback Inc logo effect response rate/validity/honesty?



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