How To Build a Well Rounded Marketing Team

The Ultimate Marketing Department Org Chart.

Orange stars represent roles that require coordination with external agencies/vendors.

Thomasz Tunguz, a partner at Red Point Ventures, published his notes from Bill Macaitis’ most recent talk at the Point9 conference outlining the 9 marketing disciplines of great SaaS companies and how they fit together to create a marketing powerhouse.

Reading his notes inspired me to reflect on my own experiences building and auditing marketing teams. In doing so, I’ve remixed the org chart to fit companies of all shapes and sizes based on my own experiences. Bill’s org chart mainly focuses on key ingredients necessary to build a SaaS (software as a service) marketing powerhouse. Since my readers tend to span across a variety of industries, I developed an org chart that can be applied across a variety of organizations.

Vp, Marketing

The role of the VP is to oversee the operations of the team, push the boundaries of innovation and report directly to the Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Executive Officer or the board. Every company tends to be structured in a different manner, so this varies from enterprise to enterprise. For the sake of this post, we’ll focus mainly on the positions under the VP.

Head of Marketing Analytics

The analytics team is the first hire second to appointing a Vp, Marketing. The analytics team is responsible for implementing experimental tools and processes to help identify the who, what, when and where regarding a company or product’s web traffic. This team is typically proficient in statistical analysis, Google Analytics, SQL, data visualization tools such as Tableau or Domo, data modeling and comfortable with analyzing large datasets.

The Analytics team also measures qualitative metrics such as brand perception and competitive analysis in relation to specific industries.

Head of Product Marketing

The product marketing team is your next hire. The product marketing team is responsible for identifying opportunities to generate face time with potential customers at scale. This contains planning and hosting happy hours during events or industry related conferences, managing the process of developing a presence at industry related conferences, and identifying opportunities to buy ad space during professional sporting events. Product marketers are also tasked with identifying any out of home (OOH) advertising opportunities (billboards, metro stations) that may present significant return on investment (ROI).

Head of Paid Digital

The paid digital team is typically composed of specialist who can identify new opportunities as well as missed opportunities within a specific digital ads manager. For example, the creative that is placed and targeted on LinkedIn should feel different in comparison to the creative you launch through Youtube. In order to remain as efficient as possible, the paid digital team typically works with outsourced vendors/agencies/consulting firms in order to expedite the creative development process.

Head of Content Marketing

The content marketing team is tasked with identifying and developing thought leaders, blog post ideas and development, as well as designing customer success marketing materials. The content marketing team also is a resource for the paid digital and product marketing teams. A great example of customer success story being highlighted well is DOMO’s social spot showcasing how brands use their product to improve productivity. Earlier I mentioned this would not be primarily directed towards SaaS companies, however, customer success videos can span across a wide range of enterprises and this happens to be my favorite customer highlight production.

Customer Success Manager

The customer success team is tasked with understanding customer needs, segmenting the market and developing pricing plans to meet their needs. A typical customer will require multiple interactions/engagements prior to making a purchase. This process should be studied and improved by the customer success team in order to eliminate any extra touch points that ay jeopardize the sale. The customer success team is also tasked with sourcing and providing valuable leads to the content marketing team in regards to developing customer success stories. Surveys, birthdays, holidays, and appreciation are all responsibilities held by the customer success team. The responsibility of this team is important becuase the it is solely focused on building retention and brand loyalty.

Head of International Marketing

If your company is fundamentally prepared to enter into the global marketplace, this is essentially your last hire(relative to this list). The international marketing team is tasked with understanding how your brand, product, and delivery is positioned with respect to the country in which you are marketing. This is best implemented when country marketing leads are based in the US HQ and work directly with satellite teams within the country to initiate and engage new and existing customers. Some businesses prefer to hire project managers in those locations and work with vendors/agencies to accomplish the rest. This drastically varies based on industry, company structure and capabilities.

Building out a marketing team can be expensive however, tasking one or two individuals with all of the work outlined above can lead to a significant loss of market-share. Companies that want to ramp quickly and drive revenue should audit the structure and productivity of both their marketing and sales team. This just may be the investment that takes your business to the next level, ultimately making your company more productive and profitable.

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