The Rise of Middleware Within the Enterprise in 2017

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Middleware is software that connects a variety of external software components. In today’s enterprise, infinite data points are being stored every hour. In order to remain competitive it’s critical to surface any trends, hiccups or down spikes within an organization.

As the number of SaaS applications within an organization has rapidly increased, the SaaS ecosystem is responding to data fragmentation with middleware.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the middleware of the early 2000s, which was primarily focused on helping developers build software. This is middleware that’s focused on helping end-users unify data from the various data repositories now existent within their enterprise.

Twenty years ago, sales and marketing teams captured basic data on customers and prospects. This might include name, address, and phone number. Today, sophisticated enterprises manage lead lists ranging in the thousands, then combine those lists with several data providers, and finally integrate marketing , product, and external data to create a rich list of prospects.

As a movement forms around customer experience and the data driven sales process, integrating this data across the 50 tools that an enterprise might use is critical. Mapping data throughout each department and back into the sales cycle is not only important but vital to the heartbeat of an enterprise.

System of record : systems that amalgamate information from all other systems to provide a single view for a team or department.

Middleware-as-a-service is quickly becoming management’s 30K foot view of operations, or the new system of record. This is due to the nature of the actionable response that’s triggered upon creating/leveraging such a dashboard within an enterprise.

Software that unifies information across domains, at opposite ends of the corporate spectrum are in high demand. The more we know about an enterprise, as digital strategist, the better we can identify where avenues of growth exist.

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