Tips For Marketing Your SaaS Platform

Have you ever picked up a magazine, start flipping through to find something of interest, only to find yourself on the last page without having read anything?

If you don’t want your company’s marketing efforts to be the equivalent of a waiting-room magazine, you need to understand your buyers and what they care about.

Develop a positioning statement that sticks

It’s important to inform potential buyers on why your platform will help them solve internal issues. By clearly stating a value proposition, you can immediately grab the attention of your audience and convert them to trial members.

Create a customer persona to make your marketing efforts consistently relevant

Content marketing can be a valuable source of traffic for your platform. It’s important to know who you are writing for and what problem they are looking to solve. By identifying these two items you can begin to form a customer persona that will guide you in the right direction. This will prevent your company from marketing to an audience that is less likely to become a customer.

Boost conversion and increase customer trust with problem solving content

After you’ve defined your customer persona you can begin to create relevant content to help users integrate it’s capabilities into their business. Look for low hanging fruit and target the key components that differentiate your platform from its competitors.

Spy on your competition

Market research is a key component to understanding the customers you serve. Study your competition and and compare your pricing and seat structure to theirs. This data becomes relevant when your company starts to look for ways of scaling and offering new features.

Determine your marketing budget

Pick a number of users you are looking to scale to in the next 90 days. Do the math on how much revenue that will bring in for your company, and use that number as a reference for how much you should spend to acquire new users.

Hire great marketers

Hire a great team of marketers. Marketers with business development history make for a far better applicant due to their previous experience selling s product. When a marketer understands the sales process, your marketing is engaging and filled with less fluff.

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