[Only…] 66% of US Businesses Use Online Advertising

“Online advertising is also more affordable; White estimates that advertising to 10,000 people via direct mail costs about $5,000. Reaching the same number of consumers on Facebook costs $500 — one-tenth the price of direct mail.” — The Manifest

It’s 2018. And businesspeople still haven’t wrapped their heads around digital marketing. Although this study was self-reported among a fairly small sample (n=500), it’s an example of how terribly slow we are here in the US.

Two-thirds is terrible! It should be 9 out of 10.

If the profit motive hasn’t motivated business leaders to embrace and adopt digital marketing, what will finally nudge the business establishment into the present? (Notice I didn’t say “future”? We’re here.)

Dear CMOs of America, eat your peas. Please.

Resources —

The Manifest, How Businesses Use Online Advertising https://themanifest.com/digital-marketing/how-businesses-use-online-advertising

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