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California Policy Lab (CPL)

CPL is a university-government partnership that aims to help cities, counties and the State of California improve public programs through empirical research, program evaluations and technical assistance provided by UCLA and UC Berkeley to the end of improving the lives of Californians. CPL is very young and is still developing its core model of supporting government with data analytic services.


Set up in 2017 to create data-driven, scientific evidence and insights to help governments at all levels in the state solve urgent public problems, the California Policy Lab provides a research infrastructure; including faculty, government policy experts, full time research support staff, and administrative data; to help bridge the gap between policy makers and the research community. CPL uses diverse data science and research methods to achieve the larger goal of improving the lives of Californians. To that end, CPL aims to generate scientific evidence to drive evidence-based policy making by leveraging both the potential of administrative data as well as the talent and experience of researchers and faculty in the state’s university system. This will hopefully unlock evaluation methods previously unusable by many jurisdictions due to data silos or lack of capacity or expertise. .



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