To See and Be Seen

What effect does the neighborhood you live in have on your dating prospects?

Conceptual Diagram

Fig 1. Conceptual diagram.
A draft visualization of the distance between the nearest Subway station from each residence in the Upper West Side. Shape file and geographic data retrieved from NYC Open Data.

How it works


  • NYC Neighborhood Parcel Map
  • NYC Businesses GIS Data for Restaurants and Cafes
  • NYC Parcel Data
  • Google StreetView Imagery of Street Activity
  • MTA Subway Ridership Data
  • NYC Open Data for Subway Lines, Buses, and Transportation
  • CitiBike Availability Data
  • Google Maps/Yelp Ratings
  • NYC Parcel Data
  • Census Demographics Data (Block Group)
  • American Census Survey (ACS) Data



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Taha Erdem Ozturk

Architecture student and computational design researcher at Columbia University GSAPP. Based out of New York City.