Data Sources

By Project Category

Transportation Data

uber and taxi

citibike and bicycle

citibike vs taxi example


pedestrian data

Social Media Examples

YouTube Conflict Mapping

Social Media Data


Getting Twitter Data with Python Examples

Twitter Example uses Language Analysis to Visualize Emotion and has an open API


How to get Data from MeetUps, a tutorial:



One thing to note, is that Yelp is doing an Open Dataset Challenge until the end of December. It never hurts to submit! The dataset looks pretty large and interesting:


Real Estate Data

How to scrape Streeteasy for pricing


Airbnb Scraped Listings: list seems like a really interesting source though I wonder if it will be available for long because of privacy infringement:

Airbnb Example

Real Estate Examples

It may be interesting to scrape publishing sources on new developments such as YIMBY:

Street View Data

Google’s API doesn’t provide access to historic images, but you can access them manually or could create a macro:

Satellite and Aerial Data

Conflict Mapping (Hurricane, Flooding, etc)

Migration Data

Migration — Example Projects

Urban Data Sets and Tools

Miscellaneous and General Datasets includes sources on climate, transportation, conflict maps such as hurricanes, education and many other topics:

Google Draw

Download Your Own Data

Other Ideas:

A brain dump of some other random possible ideas:

Project on new developments using street view to analyze scaffolding and temporary green fences, could analyze impact on businesses or analyze percentage of street impacted (shade, walkability, etc)

Remake your own street using hodgepodge of Google Street View images

categorize a dataset of streetview images by the rental cost

categorize and sort text in streetview — i.e. analyze language varience on the street, typography, legibility of signs, or length of messages

How has street life changed since Amazon and the increase of retail vacancies on the ground floor? Map vacancies in relation to virtual activity in the same area. Catalog streetview of vacant locations.

How has Trump’s travel plans impacted flight paths in the city? Map changes or delays.

Create a bike path mapper that accounts for locations with fewer accidents.

Compare code or zoning in various areas to streetview images:

map or visualize how and where laws are in place

create a map of all buildings in NYC with open and close hours throughout the day — highlighting how the cities accessibility changes < this would be so useful!

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