Week 2 — Class Feedback

Ideas for the final

Don’t worry these aren’t votes. We’ll continue discussing the final format. This is just a place for us to start openly thinking about what we might do. You’ll notice some anchoring that happened around the words I suggested. So feel free to anchor your classmates on something else if its better.

Ideas suggested for the format of the final:

Ideas suggested for the location:

Other cool ideas suggested:

  • Pizza lunch food plz
  • Not sure yet

For the Next Class

Thanks again for super helpful feedback! This is crucial to honing the work in so that its as useful as possible!

More info on code in class and how it will be used to develop the projects. We will probably do a mixture of me going through a little bit of tutorial (without the class following so we don’t take up too much time. Then we will also some short in-class exercises to get you thinking about your projects and how to adapt code. We’ll spend much less time on traditional lecturing. I’ll clarify the structure up front and do less video too! (Maybe that will help with some of the technical chaos of switching back and forth)! I’ll try and jump around less on concepts and articulate them more clearly!

I’ll make sure to keep surfacing case studies and precedents since it seems like those are a big hit and more fun! I’ll make the lecture and case studies available online so you’ll have access to them. The interactivity was also useful. I’ll try to spend more time on interactive learning combining short experiments with going over coding in Processing and Python and finding data sources etc.

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