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Oct 16, 2018 · 4 min read

DataKitchen began blogging about DataOps in early days of the movement. We often get asked about particular items that we’ve produced. To make it easier, here’s our comprehensive list of blog posts from the DataOps blog dating back to the early days of DataOps.

We also publish DataOps case studies and white papers, and maintain compilations of DataOps News, videos, slideshares, and the Second Editon of the DataOps Cookbook!

Q1 2020

DataOps Aphorisms

What the Iowa Caucus Disaster Teaches Us About DataOps

Reducing Organizational Complexity with DataOps

Q4 2019

DataOps Soars in 2019

How the Data Stole Christmas

Q3 2019

Why do DataOps?

What is DataOps — Ten Most Common Questions

Enabling Design Thinking in Data Analytics with DataOps

Improving Teamwork in Data Analytics with DataOps

Best DataOps Articles Q2 2109

A Great Model is Not Enough. Deploying AI Without Technical Debt. DataOps in Data Science and Machine Learning.

The Right To Repair DataOps Data Architecture

Q2 2019

Eliminate Your Analytics Development Bottlenecks

Warring Tribes into Winning Teams: Improving Teamwork in Your Data Organization

The Explosion of “Manifestos” in Data and Analytics

The Best DataOps Articles of Q2 2019

Q1 2019

We Wrote a Book on DataOps

The DataOps Enterprise Software Industry, 2019

The Best DataOps Articles of Q1 2019

Q4 2018

DataOps is NOT Just DevOps for Data

The Best DataOps Articles of Q4 2018

Q3 2018

The Best DataOps Articles of Q3 2018

DataOps Resolves the Struggle Between Centralization and Freedom in Analytics

Disband Your Impact Review Board: Automate Analytics Testing

Build Trust Through Test Automation and Monitoring

Prove Your Awesomeness with Data: The CDO DataOps Dashboard

Surviving Your Second Year as CDO

DataOps Goes Global

What Data Scientists Really Need

Leading a DataOps Cultural Revolution

Q2 2018

The Best DataOps Articles of Q2 2018

A DataOps Dominant Design Emerges

Forbes: DataOps an Emerging Trend

Q1 2018

The Best DataOps Articles Published in Q1 2018

Achieving Growth Targets by Implementing a DataOps-Powered Customer Data Platform

Grow Sales Using a DataOps-Powered Customer Data Platform

Seven Challenges of Customer Analytics

Q4 2017

2017: The Year of DataOps

Celgene’s Perspective: How a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Would Approach Data Analytics

The Four Stage Journey to Analytics Excellence

Minimizing Analytics Cycle Time with DataOps

CAOs and CDOs: Earn the Trust of your CEO

Q3 2017

DataOps Drives Sales Using Customer Data Platforms

DataOps in Seven Steps

Thriving in the On-Demand Economy with DataOps

DataOps Puts Agility into Agile Data Warehousing

Releasing New Analytics Every Second

Analytics at Amazon Speed: The New Normal

Make Your Own Luck with DataOps

Transitioning from Data Desert to DataOps

DataOps Plays Both Offense and Defense

Q2 2017

Four Great DataOps Articles

Speed Up Innovation with DataOps

Building a DataOps Team

Choosing Your First Data-Analytics Project

Work Without Fear

Throw Your Data in a Lake

Why Do I Need a Star Schema?

The Data Lake Is A Design Pattern

DataOps Engineer Will Be the Sexiest Job in Analytics

The DataOps Ecosystem Emerges

Making Data Analytics Responsive to the Organization’s Needs

How to Inspire Code Reuse in Data Analytics

Work Apart So You Can Work Together

How to Enable Your Data Analytics Team to Work in Parallel

The Best Way to Manage Your Data Analytics Source Files

‘DAG’, what’s a ‘DAG’?? why is it cool?

Q1 2017

How Data Analytics Professionals Can Sleep Better

How to Become a Rising Star with Data Analytics

Lean Manufacturing Secrets that You Can Apply to Data Analytics

How Software Teams Accelerated Average Release Frequency from Three Weeks to Three Minutes

How Software Teams Accelerated Average Release Frequency from 12 Months to Three Weeks

Three Behaviors that Will Shorten Your Career in Data Analytics


Join the DataOps Revolution. Sign the DataOps Manifesto.

Whether referred to as data science, data engineering, data management, big data, business intelligence, or the like, through our work we have come to value analytics:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working analytics over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Experimentation, iteration, and feedback over extensive upfront design
  • Cross-functional ownership of operations over siloed responsibilities


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