#6: Charting the Four Trump Flops

There’s this strange thing that Trump always does…

The four Trump flops we’ve seen in this campaign

Every time Trump ties Hillary Clinton, his numbers immediately drop. It’s happened four times in the campaign. Each time Clinton’s floor touches Trump’s ceiling (about 44%), he falls straight down. First it was after his proposed ban of Muslims (blue). Then he had a tough few months without any single reason I can discern, though the drop wasn’t as severe (green). Then he won the GOP nomination, went after a judge’s Mexican heritage, and his numbers suffered. (yellow) Most recently he had a big bump in the polls that he erased by going after Khizr Khan, the Muslim father of a fallen soldier. Predictably, he saw the steepest drop of his entire campaign.

Here’s the raw data from RealClearPolitics:

Four times he’s tied, four times he’s gone into a big slide. I don’t think he’s purposely throwing the election, but he sure does look like Icarus.