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Hosting a Static Website

In 2021, here are some quick and efficient solutions to perform the Hosting.

These days serving a basic website should not take much time out of your way. Note that what worked for me does not necessarily means that this is the best for you and vice versa!

Here is what I tried lately:

Kubernetes and Let’s Encrypt

It is what has been done for and all its services like,, cdn, helm… It is overkill but a great way to understand how services can be operated and also 100% self contained (SSL included, seamless auto upgrade after a change) which is very handy.

Google Cloud Storage

Similar to the AWS S3 public hosting (lot of other solutions in AWS too) and looked easy to try despite a non intuitive to setup. But there is no way to get HTTPS simply or for free for a custom domain name, so I dropped it (but it is good for a CDN).


Should be one of the easiest. Indeed, it was very quick to sign-up, then even just drag & drop the files and transfer the domain transfer. It is famous for integrating with Github. Probably what I would recommend for an open source website.


I did not know about it but the Google Storage docs mention it as an alternative for easy support of HTTPS and custom domain name.

And it was very easy to use:

firebase login
firebase projects:list
firebase init

And preview/deploy:

firebase emulators:start
firebase deploy

Next step will be to fully automate the push of the updates to the live Website. We will see how the Github Action performs in practice or re-poke at Netlify!



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