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To the Next Generation of Data Querying!

After close to 10 years of evolution on the Hue project at Cloudera (and many team retreats over the world) I am joining Databricks to help make Querying Data Ubiquitous and Simple.

Interestingly, one of the first Spark SQL querying experience was pioneered in the early days with the Livy API in Hue and promoted in the first Spark Summits.

After all these years, we also got better at shipping robust core of SQL functionalities and developing software in a much more efficient way via automation, API and Components.

Hue SQL + Redash pave the way for a modern Querying.

Query Flow: Smarter Data Querying bridging SQL to ML

On top of this, AI matured to power the next Generation of Editors and Smart Autocompletes (e.g. Github Copilot, Tabnine…), and Data Warehousing can provide easy data access for training ML models and executing inferences via SQL itself.

The direction of Hue is still to be determined with regards to the new role and any feedback is welcomed!

The Hue logo
50% of Hue contributions over the years while growing the Team/Project

Passion is strong, only Experience can beat it, and now Passion + Experience should help deliver the next Level of Query Flow!

In the meantime, checkout the current DB SQL!

Happy Querying!





Modernizing & Simplifying how to Query Data

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