7 Practical Questions to Ask Your Management or Client before Designing a New Access Database

When you are creating new database from scratch it is important to ask key stakeholders the right questions so that the Access database can meet the requested outcomes

An Access database is not the one that is used solely for just storing large amounts of data, and using queries to get the desired information from that data. There are a lot more reasons why one would opt for using MS Access, instead of just using it as a storage options. Now if you are into designing Access databases for clients, there is a lot more you need to understand apart from the basic needs of the client from the Access database. That can definitely be the first thing you should know and understand, but definitely not the last one.

In the excitement of getting a new client and focusing on delivering the required product, we often miss out on some of the key questions that should be asked on a priority basis.
Given below are 7 key questions that you should ask your Client or Management before you get to design a database for them.

— Question 1: What kind of business process are you looking for the database to support?

Till you do not understand the business process a database is supposed to serve, you will not be able to design it well.

— Question 2: How are you currently managing these processes?

Understanding how they are currently managing their processes will give you an idea of the kind of quality they are operating on and what are they expecting from you.

— Question 3:



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