The Opening — new-window


Shivam Negi? Aha! A very eccentric kiddo, I suppose. He can neither let go of anything he loves and nor is he afraid of his unknowns. He is dreaming of making good EDM music today and it is getting seemingly hard to predict what he might take up tomorrow.

This is his weekly GSoC blog and its official purpose is to keep his mentors updated with his weekly progress. And in the process, he can’t help but disturb them every now and then with his life problems. So, he doesn’t mind including his finest comic strips findings of the week, up here.

What is GSoC aka Google Summer of Code?

Umm, I remember him saying that it is some cool internship program by Google, which happens to fund open source organizations to take in students as summer interns and help speed up their development. He shared some stats as well:

Accepted Students
Where is he now?

Coding period, duh! It has started and he told me not to write too much because people will not bother reading. Anyway, here is his Julia Beginner’s Guide Part 2 which he sent me earlier this week: