The Ethereum Crew visits JADS

In the first week of October my friends Ed Hesse, Ana Trbovic and John Lilic dropped by JADS. And like always it was tons of fun.

When doing research on blockchain in the energy industry some years ago I found Ed and decided to give him a call. It clicked from the start and I ended up calling with Ed for over an hour. Since that call Ewald has given me backstage access to the explosive growth of their company and later the Energy Web Foundation.

Soon after that call I decided to fly to Vienna to meet Ewald in person and he invited me to some exclusieve dinner party where I also met his cofounder Ana.

On the second time I met with them in Barcelona I also invited their friend John who works for ConsenSys. And since then we try to meet up with the four of us.

Beginning of the month we could meet up in Amsterdam and it started in style with a posh dinner with some American philanthropist. Later that week they visited JADS in beautiful Den Bosch and we got to talk to students, researchers and some of business folks.

As scientists we have to stay skeptical. But have a look at the first discussion where we were joined by Zeki Erkin from the TU Delft Blockchain lab. These guys are not kidding and are pretty damn knowledgeable. Every time I meet them I understand blockchain a little better.

This time I learned that both Ed and John are pretty hardcore libertarians. This seems to match well with the blockchain ideas. In some sense you could say it’s free market technology. Making every device into a node, giving it a wallet and letting it trade.

This was only a raw take, we made some better recordings of the second discussion. I will share this in a more elaborate post.

By the way, next to his role at ConsenSys, John Lilic is also cofounder of Code to Inspire a nonprofit committed to educating Afghan female students by improving their technical literacy and teaching them how to code so that they can find future employment as freelancers. It would be great to work with some JADS staff and students to help Code to Inspire with some basic data training. Let me know if you are interested.

After a packed day in Den Bosch we went to go grab dinner in Utrecht with my wife and some friends. Look forward to hanging out with them soon.