The Timeline of AI Products at Google: dates, models, products and papers

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Key innovations, language models (LLMs), AI papers, architectures, including Gemini DeepMind, AlphaGO, BERT, T5, PaLM and more.

A history timeline of AI development and research at Google (AI generated image). All contents in writing are hand crafted, hand written.

Google has led the world of technology and software development and innovation for many years. It made significant contribution to the development of computer science. internet search and even contributed to foundational AI models which became the foundations for OpenAI.

This guide is a great resource if you have an interview at Google for Cloud , Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence (AI) or general AI jobs elsewhere.

This medium post will give you a solid overview of AI technologies at Google, their history and timelines. We will mention major dates, models, AI products and papers.

2006 Google Translate

Google Translate uses Machine Learning to automatically translate hundreds of languages. This AI enabled product was an art of advancement in Neural Translation, Machine Translation, using language pairs as training data.

(2014 Google Acquired DeepMind : neural networks that can learn video games, access short term memories Neural Turing machines)

2015 Tensorflow