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GENERATIVE AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLM)

Generative AI in the news:

It is an exciting time for AI — dubbed the GenAI Rush (“Gold Rush”). LLM and image generation models are driving innovations in AI. GPT-4 is now generally available, new developers will have access to GPT-4 models and compute availability (previously limited) has now increased. Here’s an easter egg for paid subscribers, best GPT-4 course (how to use GPT-4 to build applications). Advanced GPT-4 prompt engineering [pro, easter egg resource] — Free high quality ChatGPT, GPT-4 prompt engineering course

ChatGPT has already had its (apple) App Store moment: earlier 2023, it rolled out 70+ third party plugins including the ability for ChatGPT to browse live web and access information after September 2021 (the training, model cutoff date for previous models). All ChatGPT plus users have access to this advanced feature. Personally, I find the browsing feature very experimental and has yet to yield productive results for me. The feature does have extraordinary potential — Bing AI already demonstrated smart AI enabled search, greatly improve Bing search relevance and result quality.

How many times can you say AI?

Supposedly Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned “AI“ 150+ times during the two hour keynote at Google I/O 2023. If you are bored, watch this tiktok video — how many times can Google CEO say AI

[easter egg time saver] Product Hunt published this thread about everything announced at Google I/O

During the Google I/O 2023, Google discussed an updated large language model (LLM) called PaLM 2, which powers “I/O’s most competitive announcements, including the addition of conversational generative AI answers to Google search result (AI snapshots)” (Source: product hunt). Bard is powered by PaLM 2.

On twitter @OpenAI July 2023 : “Code Interpreter will be available to all ChatGPT Plus users over the next week. It lets ChatGPT run code, optionally with access to files you’ve uploaded. You can ask ChatGPT to analyze data, create charts, edit files, perform math, etc. Plus users can opt in via settings.”

ChatGPT plugin is the ChatGPT’s Apple App Store moment. Developers can now use skills and functionalities from other smart apps in conjunction with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a financial success. OpenAI and Stripe each raised a mega-round in Q1 2023. OpenAI around ~$10B, Stripe ~$6.5B. Within hours of launching, Meta’s twitter grew to millions of users, potentially catapulting on instagram tie-in.

Generative AI Flash Cards:

General AI news

  • Hardware: NVIDIA has become a super compute company, emerging as a chip company worthy approximately 25 billion dollars (market cap fluctuates). NVIDIA GPUs are now essential for AI training. Though some argue that reliance on GPU is limited because the inference phase of AI does not require nearly as much compute as the training phase.
  • Hardware: NVIDIA defends 8GB of VRAM in recently launched GPU RTX 4060 Ti in context of gaming, AI GPU compute: “Remember the frame buffer is not the memory of the computer — it is a cache. And how you manage the cache is a big deal. It is like any other cache. And yes, the bigger the cache is, the better. However, you’re trading off against so many things… and it’s releasing an RTX 4060 Ti variation with 16GB of VRAM in July. It’s the same GPU with the same performance, just with more VRAM and priced $100 higher than the base model.” Read more (warning 3rd party, external website, not affiliated). NVIDIA is also augmenting in-game conversations with AI — ChatGPT. Read more (warning 3rd party, external website, not affiliated).
  • Did you know Elon Musk is a co-founder of OpenAI? Did you know that he is founding another AI company? Read here on Fast Company

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