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Should you still learn to code in the age of ChatGPT and OpenAI? OpenAI ex CEO Sam Altman answers the question (read more…).

AI has taken the center stage of our daily discussions. 🇺🇸🇨🇳 On President Biden and President Xi’s summit discussion agenda during APEC: artificial intelligence takes the first spot, according to NBC Bay Area news.

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OpenAI Dev Day

Exciting! OpenAI just hosted its first devday for developers Nov 6 2023. PREVIEW : We have many flash cards about OpenAI DevDay, OpenAI API, Langchain, Hugging Face, Llama 🦙 index and llama2 and all of LLM in the pipeline, advanced prompt engineering templating. They will be delivered to you this month. 🚀 OpenAI says: “Recordings of the keynote and breakout sessions will be available one week after the event.” Dev day take-away flash cards coming soon. (Though the keynote seems to be already available on OpenAI’s channel —

What is already known and insane is that OpenAI just released the GPTs — customized AI apps specialized in domain knowledge/ topic / fine tuned tasks e.g. creating SQL queries At the end of this month, it will release an app store — a AI marketplace! In San Altman’s own words “GPTs are tailored versions of ChatGPT for a specific purpose. (PS: Sam Altman was the CEO of OpenAI yesterday, and was ousted today Nov 17! WSJ — Sam Altman is Out at OpenAI; Mira Murati will be interim CEO. ) Soon, everyday users and developers will be able to create their custom version of GPT and no coding required!! Users can use natural language to build a custom GPT of anything : with “instructions, expanded knowledge, and then you can publish it for others to use” — effectively monetizing your app (for the best apps OpenAI will revenue share). Pretty insane! Anyone will be able to join the next AI compute revolution. And yes OpenAI will probably ruined a lot of jobs and startups.

Could this be OpenAI’s “App Store Moment” (the opening of a vibrant, highly profitable app and subscription ecosystem, a business model piloted by iPhone)? OpenAI is surely growing rapidly — it just leased office spaces from Uber in downtown San Francisco, read more here.

  • Want to join the OpenAI team? We wrote about OpenAI office tour and its recruiting pipeline in our previous newsletters : [Easter Egg, office tour] OpenAI office tour (titkok ~ 1 minute) Warning and disclaimer : not career advice, no counselor on staff, informational purpose only.


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Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) 🎙️🙊

Prompt Engineering

Building Modern AI Applications with LLM

Developing AI Apps with news tools: LLMs, LangChain, Streamlit

Word Embeddings and Tokens

Embeddings are usually initialized randomly. A language model would consume a lot of training examples to learn the weights for generating correct embeddings — for example, words that have similar meaning, nearby text should have similar representations (embedding with close distances).

Trending in the News

AI has taken the center stage of our daily discussions. 🇺🇸🇨🇳 On President Biden and President Xi’s summit discussion agenda during APEC: artificial intelligence takes the first spot, according to NBC Bay Area news.

🌉 Developer lifestyle : 🏝️ They Fled San Francisco. The A.I. Boom Pulled Them Back (NYTimes): Young professionals who moved out of San Francisco are lured back by its hot AI opportunities, community events, hacker houses, and meetups. One example is SF Hayes Valley dubbed the Cerebral Valley. Even YC encourages founders to re-locate to SF while attending. Garry Tan also re-affirmed Cerebral Valley’s title. Fun fact : Uniqtech used to be HQ to in Hayes Valley.

NYTimes: They Fled San Francisco. The A.I. Boom Pulled Them Back. The loud critics (“its worsening problems with drugs, housing and crime”) of San Francisco, once devoted locals, left the city for “to places with lower taxes, fewer Covid restrictions, safer streets and more space.” That was during the covid pandemic and post-covid, but they soon found out that they need to rejoin San Francisco for the AI boom, events, parties (Hugging Face party, which we wrote about in this flash card), “The community of fellow entrepreneurs, investors and tech talent”. “There’s just nowhere else like the Bay.” Garry Tan (Y Combinator partner) : “Hayes Valley truly became Cerebral Valley this year.” Read more…

🇨🇳 Mr. Kaifu Lee a US educated AI leader in China. He spearheaded Google China, conquered cancer (his story is a true inspiration in China), launched an accelerator and went on a 🇺🇸 book tour meet and greet (where we met him) before launching his newest unicorn 🦄. Former Google China President’s Startup 0.1AI Hits $1B Valuation, Outperforms Meta’s Llama 2 (Benzinga) Nov 5 2023. “The artificial intelligence startup 01.AI founded by Kai-Fu Lee has achieved a $1 billion valuation in less than eight months. with an open-source AI model, surpassing the performance of industry giants, including Meta’s Llama 2, on certain metrics. .. 01.AI has secured the chips for the foreseeable future…. Sinovation Ventures … commenced operations June 2023 … The company’s flagship large language model, Yi-34B … both Chinese and English languages” Read more here … Our flash card about llama 2 here. ‘As reported by Bloomberg, Yi-34B has outshone Meta’s Llama 2, which has been a standard in the industry. In an interview, Lee stated, “Llama 2 has been the gold standard and a big contribution to the open-source community. We want to provide a superior alternative not just for China but for the global market.”’

“Google commits to invest $2 billion in OpenAI competitor Anthropic” CNBC Published in Oct, reviewed on Nov 14, 2023. Hayden Field Google has committed to investing $2 billion in Anthropic (the creator of the Claude 2 chatbot), an artificial intelligence startup. This move follows Amazon’s recent decision to invest up to $4 billion in the same company. The initial investment from Google is $500 million, with an additional $1.5 billion planned to be invested over time. Anthropic, known as a competitor to OpenAI, was founded by former executives of OpenAI. Disclaimer: do your own research. Check the latest article. Read more…

New Flash Cards

General Programming Tips and Technical Interview Tips
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System design interview tips and framework, Interview data structure Trie , XOR — bitwise exclusive or (xor), Big O notation humor 01 & 02, Characteristics of a greedy algorithm

General Machine Learning & Deep Learning 🔥🐍

Pytorch Data Transformation

Computer vision Basics, scale image pixels,

Batch Gradient Descent , Simulated Annealing, Sigmoid & Derivative, t-SNE, t-SNE hello world!.

AWS for AI: AWS Basics What is BOTO? Script Mode AWS — Bring your own model, , AWS developer tool — VSCode, Supported frameworks, Train & Serve Models,

GPT history, GPT-3, GPT max_token, Advanced Prompt Engineering, vector database, Langchain, Sam Altman on whether to learn to code,