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Developer Life is Good Miami Bitcoin Edition + Easter Egg for Paid Subscribers June 2021

Bitcoin Party?! 😱

Developer life is good, not gonna lie. Our classmate at Stanford apparently had a blast in Miami this weekend for the Bitcoin conf, VIP after-party with Bitcoin decorated Dom Perignon champagnes, To-the-Moon 🚀 plaques, the the super famous Logan + Floyd boxing match — the game of the century for YouTubers. Gosh, even after living in the bay area for years, we have not seen Such Wow Much Fancy and COVID 😱 Of course. We don’t support partying or crowds right now but it’s something to behold. But wow that’s what Miami is really made for.

Top Writers R Us

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Eggs for Paid Subscribers

Every month we scout the internet for high quality resources — usually free ebooks and white papers, even datasets for our paid subscribers, to make your subscription more worthwhile, to just add a bit value. We are not affiliated with the freebies we found, but we think they will help your machine learning career.

Job Search AI Tool

Our vision for the job tool, but it will take a while for AI to do that, TBH.

Understand Machine Learning through Jokes

You know we are building a machine learning course, and it takes a while. If we are good comic artists, then we can explain it with just one picture. XKCD does it so well :

Machine Learning Hardware and Mining Hardware

An older article, but really explains the hardware for Machine Learning, ML in cloud, and even mining hardware

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