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New Year Resolution

Newsletter hero image : new year resolution taming the dragon. Pro members you can use this prompt to generate your own amazing fantasy AI images!! Generate your own AI hero images, game art


For more advanced generative art, check out the OpenAI section below.

Here’s a great new year resolution: taming the machine learning dragon. Machine learning is now a part of every smart product, startup, and data analytics strategies in every company. It’s just so useful. Let’s learn some practical data science together in this new year. We firmly believe that data analytics and machine learning / AI is the new literacy. You will want to know writing, reading, and a bit of data and coding. There’s no going around it. This is why we launched our beginner friendly, bootcamper written machine learning training platform. We are also working hard to launch features that reward learners like yourself : perks, swags, even future events. When the job market the world is discouraging, we want to be your study buddies and cheer you on. That’s why we are putting more work into the developer lifestyle series. It gives all of us something to look forward to — the tech lifestyle.

Uniqtech is entering a new era. With the support of our paid subscribers we are adding new features. Supporting you through this difficult time. We also have a new office address in downtown San Francisco (we are still tiny tiny operation of 1–2 people but we are aiming exponential growth).

Variations of the new year newsletter hero image.

2023 continues to be a tough season for the tech sector, which continues to have massive layoffs. But a new saying is emerging in web3 and tech : Bear Market is for builders. Let’s BUIDL (intentional misspelling of build in web3).

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Career — inspirations and tips

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It’s good being a developer. Did you know the principal software engineer salary is nearly 1 million dollars at top companies? (Disclaimer : our newsletters cannot get you to principal engineer positions ;-) We do have friends who are principal engineers. Our take: it starts with their Stanford / MIT / CMU educated parents who were already top notch engineers back in the dot com boom days. And they started coding early! One friend learned calculus at home and intended to teach his baby early in grade school. O_o

Did you know that top tech companies often hire through internal referral? It’s like early admission for college, the chances are rumored to be way higher.

Internal referral — career

Did you know that Google will pay the spouse of a Google employee if the employee passes away while working for Google? Disclaimer : this is data in 2012, with recent tech layoffs, benefits may change. Read more about the Google Death Benefits.

Career : college major

Master Career : grades and graduate school, graduate, master degree

Recession proof tech companies?

We asked ourselves how to best serve our users during a time of massive tech layoff. We continue to offer cheap affordable tutorials. If you are suffering hardship, tell us, we can potentially give you temporary access. Is there such a thing as recession proof tech companies? Just like there are recession proof businesses like Walmart and McDonalds, some businesses don’t crack when there’s downward pressure. Examples: accounting service is useful for both record profit and bankruptcy filing. Government tech could also be evergreen. There are always needs in healthcare in both good and bad economies. Did you know both the Democrats and the Republicans had stellar data teams? More on that later in a future flash card: how does President Obama and President Trump’s data team pitch against each other. The winner may shock you. There are always tech research positions at universities. Warning : not career advice.

OpenAI — the King of AI

Did you know OpenAI is founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman (top managing partner of Y Combinator). That’s right we may like or dislike Elon Musk but he surely gives birth to a lot of unicorns 🦄. In our previous newsletter we wrote extensively about OpenAI, visiting OpenAI office in San Francisco. We even got an OpenAI picnic blanket (It’s silly, but that’s one of the exciting moments in the Silicon Valley). In the near future, we want to do giveaways and deliver these special merch to our long term customers (don’t worry even past subscribers can enter).

Check out our founder’s OpenAI office tour video.

OpenAI office video (titkok ~ 1 minute)

Talking about developer lifestyle check out the suite life of Algolia search customers.

Algolia tech VIP event at SF Giants baseball stadium

OpenAI going on sale?

Wall Street Journal (Jan 4 2023) : “ChatGPT Creator Is in Talks for Tender Offer That Would Value It at $29 Billion OpenAI, the research lab behind the viral ChatGPT chatbot, is in talks to sell existing shares in a tender offer that would value the company at around $29 billion, according to people familiar with the matter, making it one of the most valuable U.S. startups on paper despite generating little revenue”

Let’s get technical with OpenAI

Important models at OpenAI [pro]

Why OpenAI created Codex? Codex use case.

How to use OpenAI APIs? The art of using GPT-3

How to generate images using AI tools? A new paradigm for programmers, artists and AI practitioners. [pro]

Example complex prompt [pro]

Even the smartest chatbots powered by OpenAI and GPT-3 have limitations.

What do people think of OpenAI GPT-3? Julian Togelius on twitter. GPT-3 is limited — it’s like a clever student.

Julian Togelius @togelius

GPT-3 often performs like a clever student who hasn’t done their reading trying to bullshit their way through an exam. Some well-known facts, some half-truths, and some straight lies, strung together in what first looks like a smooth narrative.

7:22 AM ∙ Jul 17, 2020


OpenAI just released a tool that can sniff AI writing. We keep hearing that AI writing is scoring high points in college tests, admission essays. OpenAI wants to help us prevent that from happening.

Microsoft Invests In and Partners with OpenAI to Support Us Building Beneficial AGI

Developer Lifestyle


Swag preview coming soon.

Despite recent tech layoffs and disasters, Silicon Valley is still at the center of innovations. It is a geographically significant location with access to capital and talents (from universities like Berkeley and Stanford). This is, by the way, my mentor at Stanford’s research area — how to re-create an innovation hub like the Silicon Valley in Asia. Despite the outflow talent from Silicon Valley, there is one spot that is becoming the AI hub of the Bay Area — Cerebral Valley. Read more about how Hayes Valley is becoming the next destination for AI founders and recent exodus of tech.

Check out our flash card: What is Cerebral Valley? The next AI Hub?

Hayes Valley is the next destination for AI founders and talents.

  • What Is ‘Cerebral Valley’? San Francisco’s Nerdiest New Neighborhood Written by Liz Lindqwister Published Jan. 13, 2023
  • Silicon Valley is old news. Welcome to ‘Cerebral Valley’ and the tech bro morphing into the AI bro (Fortune)
  • The ChatGPT and generative-AI ‘gold rush’ has founders flocking to San Francisco’s ‘Cerebral Valley’

And if you are looking for the best real estate talents for selling or purchasing or leasing in Hayes Valley. We recommend Milan and Dunja from Compass with whom our founder has personally worked with.

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Correlation basics. Use scatter matrix, seaborn pairplot for data visualization in Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA).

Correlation basics

Data visualization — Exploratory Analysis Scatter Matrix


Self driving car basics 101

Tesla smart summon search algorithm basics


REST RESTful API cheat sheet web development


They say bear market is for builders. Let’s BUIDL. There’s an online Solana hackathon happening in February!

NFT use cases according to Filecoin

Blockchain hackathon benefits [pro]

Crypto Ethereum price unit conversion

Forbes on ethereum chain scalability, Level 2 Blockchains, roll up solutions

NFT use cases according to Filecoin

Getting started with chainlink

Solana-Web3.js Web3 JavaScript API

Solana Wallet Adapter [pro]

dex.trades dune analytics (definition) [public]

Dune Analytics (definition)

Dune Analytics project names, available dashboards

Dune Analytics [pro]

Dune Analytics Price [pro]

What is Dune Tech Dune Analytics (definition) pro tip [pro]

Dune Analytics Workflow [pro]

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