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Probability distribution

The concepts around probability distribution can be a bit intimidating and hard to crack. But it is a fundamental concept in classical statistics and is the foundation for many statistical concepts and theories.

There can be numerous kinds of probability distributions, but at the core, these are some statistical functions that describe the likelihoods of a specific outcome of a value given how the data are distributed.

The most common types of distributions are the following:

  • A normal distribution is applied to continuous variables if the shape of the distribution is like a bell curve, meaning most of the data are either side of the mean symmetrically distributed.
  • A binomial distribution is used to study binary outcomes of a variable such as true/false, yes/no etc.
  • A Poisson distribution is applied to count data types and used to predict the number of times an event can take place within a certain interval.

For an intuition on how they work check out this article.



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