Because Concertify was already taken.

Back in October, when I decided I wanted to go into Data Science I was looking for side projects that would help me develop those skills I was missing to become a good data scientist. One of the skills I was lacking was how to work with APIs. Being a huge Spotify fan, I decided to create a web app that would allow you to search for concerts nearby, of those artists you follow.

This was a great learning experience, in the process I also learned to use a few other APIs that I tried to integrate to find concert data and also got much better at scraping websites. In the end I went with the BandsInTown API, it provided everything I needed and it was fairly easy to use.

I wanted to name my web app ‘Concertify’ because let’s face it, it sounds cool and the name basically tells you what it does and how it does it. Needless to say that name was taken, so taking after pretty much every Python package I know, I decided to include ‘Py’ in the name to hint the programing language. Hence ‘ConcertiPy! Here’s a link to the app, feel free to play with it and give me your feedback.

By the way, I should add that around that same time Spotify added that feature to their product. No, I’m not saying that it was because of me but it is nice to know that I had an idea similar to what they were developing at the time.

I’ll leave you the Github repo where you can find the code.

If you have any ideas for web apps, Data Science projects or some cool sports related analysis that you’d like to see, let me know and I will look into it!


El Nel

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