2022 Year in Review: Fostering Systematic, Sustainable and Responsible Data Re-use for Social Impact

Aerial image of New York City by night.
Photo: Unsplash/@NASA is licensed under CC0

Becoming more intentional and purpose driven when (re)using data and AI

The 100 Questions website.
The #Data4COVID19 Review cover.
Global PeaceTech Hub homepage.
The Living Library homepage.

Fostering partnerships and data collaboration

The Big Data for Migration Alliance homepage.
A schematic of the adolescent mental health topic map.

Advancing data and AI innovation at the subnational level

Periodic Table of Open Data Elements.
The AI Localism canvas.

Prioritizing data responsibility

The Responsible Data for Children initiative homepage.
Panelists at the State of Open Data Policy Summit.
AI Ethics: Global Perspectives course logo.




Responsible Data Leadership to Address the Challenges of the 21st Century

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