EVENT: Data Stewardship Panel and Reception During New York City Open Data Week

Where: Reaktor, 30 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10010

When: Mon, March 4, 2019 | 6:00 PM — 8:00 PM EST


Enriching Open Data through Data Collaboratives

Open data has the potential to transform how we govern while empowering individuals and enabling economic growth. That potential can be greatly magnified when enriched with data collected and held by the private sector and other actors.

The growing interest in these untapped data sets by diverse public sector entities has led to the burgeoning field of “data collaboratives” — where private and public actors work together around their data; and where the supply and demand side meet to answer commonly agreed upon questions.

The Need for Data Stewards

Establishing and sustaining these new collaboratives entail substantial risks and require significant and time-consuming effort and investment of resources for both data holders on the supply side, and institutions that represent the demand.

The need to steer the process of using public and private data ethically, responsibly, and manage the insights it can generate as we tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, demands a new role which suits to purpose: Data Stewards.

Join Us!

Organized by The GovLab and Reaktor, this New York City Open Data Week event will take stock data collaboration till date and review existing efforts of data stewardship.

In particular, panelists will consider:

  • the value proposition(s) of data collaboratives;
  • technical, legal, and cultural barriers and challenges;
  • questions related to risks and mitigation strategies;
  • the emergent role of data stewardship;
  • best practices for achieving sustainability; and
  • innovative metrics of success and evaluation techniques, among other issues.

Join us at Reaktor’s beautiful office space on March 4th at 6pm, above the roofs of the Flatiron District (30 W 21st Street). Food and drinks will be provided, and interesting conversations expected. See you there!