Interview with Heidi Bartis and Thandi Ndlungwana of ABInBev

Heidi Bartis and Thandi Ndlungwana, SAB / ABInBev
A data steward [is] almost like an integrator between private, public, and academia, to help us to create awareness around how to collaborate to get the best data.

In this intervew recorded at the Data Stewards Network Camp in Cape Town, South Africa, SAB / ABInBev’s Heidi Bartis, corporate affairs manager for the Cape Region, and Thandi Ndlungwana, corporate affairs specialist for the Cape Region, reflect on the potential value of data stewardship and collaboration in the public interest. In particular, Bartis and Ndlungwana touch on the role of data stewards in facilitating engagement between stakeholders from different sectors and in breaking through silos in larger corporations.