Andrew Young
Data Stewards Network
1 min readNov 28, 2018


Are you a Data Steward? Do you help drive decision-making regarding if, when, and how to share the data your corporation or organization holds for the public benefit?

Are you interested in joining a community of practice, learning from your peers, and sharing your own data stewardship expertise and experience?

Sign up for the Data Stewards Network mailing at this link. Or contact to learn more.

Why Join the Data Stewards Network?

Members of the Data Stewards Network enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to peers across sectors;
  • A way to share your work with a like-minded community of practice;
  • A means for developing common positions and practices among peers;
  • Access to repository of memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and tools to develop data-sharing agreements;
  • Access to other resources — such as data responsibility frameworks;
  • A platform to become aware of opportunities to collaborate or partner with other businesses and public-sector stakeholders;
  • Regular virtual and in-person meetings focused on members’ requests and needs; and
  • A chance to be named the Data Steward of the Year.